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Healthy Pet Food

I am a major pet lover and am always looking for the best food for my animals. When news of this food came to me, I checked it out and got a great read. Apparently animals live a lot longer on this food, because it contains no soy, wheat, or corn, and has lots of good nutrients. The stories of how pets have healed on this food is quite impressive. My only personal concern is that this is shipped to you via UPS, and their trucks get so hot in the summer months, that I don't think that could be good for the food. Normally I order it on a monthly basis, but before the summer months hit, I stock up on it—enough to carry me through until the fall.

They have recently created a wet food for cats which is far superior to regular store-bought cat food. The proportion of meat far surpasses other brands and makes this an excellent choice. I am now a big proponent of "raw foods" for animals, which come frozen and can only be found at specialty stores, but if you are looking for good dry kibble, or cooked, canned food, this company's products are worth trying.

Life's Abundance
They have different size bags of both cat and dog food, plus vitamin supplements. I personally like and recommend all of their "Cat Treats" and all of their "Cat Supplements," except for the "Agility Formula." [Instead of that one, I would recommend "Liquid Biocell for Pets" (click on this link and look under Collagen Sciences]

You can check the various prices by contacting them 1-877-387-4564, or viewing their website: They have an interesting video there that talks about the contents of regular pet food and how it compares to their food. You will need my name (Phyllis Light) and my ID# 10028118 to place an order.

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