{Note:  All reviews for Phyllis'  Full, Private,"In-Person" Session are equally relevant here, as the same exact work is given, just in a different format.]

Mini-sessions give you up to 3 weeks of additional clearing every time you order one.  They are invaluable when you need help dealing with some new crisis situation, when you're feeling down and need a boost, or simply to keep clearing negative programming and the blocking and sabotaging energies that often arise between sessions.  

You can do a mini-session any time you like, when you feel you need extra support.  Phyllis' guides currently recommend a mini-session at least every 2 to 3 weeks, between regular full sessions.  You do not receive any feedback for this type of session, but you will get up to 3 weeks of healing and clearing, per your specific need. 

Once we have your credit card on file, you can order this session by calling the "Mini-Session Hotline" (512-301-2998) or simply order it online (see "Add to Cart" above).  You can mention your issues in a private, secure voicemail message on the "Hotline" or once you have completed payment, you can share your issues via this link. 


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