The Sleep Package

Many people, including myself, have had difficulty both falling asleep and staying asleep.  After years of having trouble falling asleep and finding peace in sleep, I have discovered a number of subconscious and energetic causes to this problem.

I personally worked on myself for a long time to overcome these negative influences, and realized I needed to create a special clearing package to help others with similar issues.

If you are having challenges falling or staying asleep, the first important step to take is to get a Personal Rejuvenizer for yourself and a set of Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers for your home. This will remove a primary cause of interrupted sleep: getting hit by over 300,000 life-damaging frequencies per minute.  If you have been using the Rejuvenizers for at least 3 months and are still having sleep issues, then you are ready to receive the additional subconscious and energetic work that the Sleep Package will give you.

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