Consciously Creating Harmony (published in Wisdom Magazine 9-25-21)

October 10, 2022

We live in a world where dissidence and divisiveness have been the background themes for many years. This is obviously some kind of spiritual lesson for us all. When you feel conflicted or divisive within yourself, it is quite common to project your feelings “out there,” onto others. This is what has been going on in the world for some time. 

There has been a tremendous influx of Higher spiritual energy onto our planet, and into our people. This has brought up all the “lower” parts of us that blame others, want to strike out at them, hurt them for what they’ve done to us, and even eliminate them. For us all to grow and evolve spiritually, these parts need to be fully examined and healed within us. As long as we harbor blame and divisive energy within ourselves, we will project that outward, and the world will remain filled with those negative energies. 

We have all been given an incredible opportunity for major spiritual advancement these days. But the price is being willing to embrace new ideas of how life can be lived. When we continue to create oppositional energy with others—whether it’s politically based, race-based, vaccine-based, etc., we continue to keep ourselves stuck in a lower, unconscious vibration, and are unable to embrace the Higher energy that is trying to uplift us spiritually. 

The challenge is that part of the human ego simply wants to be right—about whatever you believe. I took this action, therefore I’m right and you’re wrong. I am bigger and better than you because I belong to this party or that group. As long as we give into our ego promptings, we are stuck creating divisiveness between people and will never get to the unity and compassion we are destined to experience as our consciousness expands. 

We are here to grow spiritually and expand our awareness as to who we truly are as powerful spiritual Beings of Light and Love. It is a path that some embrace consciously, while others stumble along on it, clueless that they have any choice or responsibility in it all. But all are in a process of waking up to Higher level of reality. 

This is why there is so much dissent and divisiveness on the planet. We are trying to heal these low vibrational parts of ourselves that need to be transformed. And you can see, this is not a simple process. However, as you start to heal that dissension and divisiveness within yourself, you will no longer need to project that onto the people around you, and this will create the space for the entire world to heal. Yes, we are talking about healing the entire world! 

All healing starts from within. You may rally for “peace in the world,” but have you found peace within yourself? You may judge others for not being smart enough or good enough, but in truth, where are you judging yourself for having those issues? Whatever you see in others, you are experiencing in some form within yourself—particularly the things that bother you the most! 

We all project our negativity onto those around us. We do that so we can see what WE have going on. How clever! So, it’s time for all of us to look inside and tell the truth about what we’re perceiving in ourselves that is making us see that very thing in the world and people around us. And the more we’re able to tell the truth and own within ourselves that which we are seeing in others, the faster the entire world will change. 

Yes, things can be different. This is a test… a spiritual lesson of humongous proportions (in that the whole world is involved!) It really isn’t just about “a virus.” It’s about resolving our ego’s deep inner issues so that we can create a world based on love, connection, and compassion.

It is on the docket for humanity to create a world of harmony, where we all can experience winning. And apparently, we have to move through all the spaces of fear, feeling out of control, wanting to fight our fellow human and be right about our beliefs and actions. It’s a crazy world “out there,” but there is a Higher call to heal “the crazy world inside us all.” 

The world isn’t “doing it to us.” There is something that is stuck in the consciousness of all humanity creating our experience of the world. Collectively, we are afraid of being controlled; we are afraid to listen to our own intuition and inner promptings; we are afraid to do anything other than what everyone around us is doing. We are essentially afraid to truly embrace and be who we are at the deepest levels of our being. 

All of these issues have been a part of our inner challenges and lessons we need to learn for many eons, but they are NOW coming to Light in full force! That is why we all have a huge opportunity for massive spiritual growth and transformation. We can create a world of harmony and peace, maybe for the first time ever! Just know that in truth, the journey starts by looking within. 

Do all you can to promote inner healing and peace. Take care of yourself first, and your energy and inspiration will be a part of what helps the world to heal. Praying for humanity is always a good idea. Pray for more Light to prevail on the planet. Pray for more Light to fill people and uplift them. 

We have been in dark times, and the Light can only come in as people WANT and ASK for it. You remember, “Ask and ye shall receive”? Well, we NEED TO ASK… and prayer is the best form of this. The more you ask for more Light, the more you will receive it. The more you ask for more Light for all humanity, the more you will be serving the Greater Good.

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