Holding the Light (published in Sedona Magazine 8-8-22)

October 10, 2022

We are experiencing very unusual and stressful times on planet Earth. The Light, which has funded us and has been our Source and Spiritual connection for a very long time, has come under siege. And it has been so subtle, that most people don’t even realize they have lost this precious connection. It is time to reconnect with our inner Light and hold that Light, regardless of all that is going on around us. 

We need to re-examine the Truth of our lives and be willing to shift or transmute anything within us that is not for our Highest Good. When the world is besieged with darkness and negativity, it is easy to “buy into” it all and allow it to take hold of our life. We feel the fear being promulgated and we buy into it and make it real for ourselves, accepting the negative energy being thrust upon us. 

It is now time to rid ourselves of all the un-Truths we have bought into, primarily that we are not safe and have to live life in fear. A life lived in fear is truly a self-fulfilling prophecy: You feel afraid, so you inevitably attract whatever you fear. Then, you get to be right that your fears are justified and you should continue to hold onto them. It is never-ending, and until we choose OUT of those fears, we will never be free to be the true Being of Light that we are. 

These spiritually challenging times are indeed showing us our limitations and offering us the possibility of going free, IF we start to unravel the belief systems that no longer support us in maintaining our Light and Love. It is so easy (and common) for us to buy into whatever we’re being fed—by our friends, family, and all sources of media.

What are you buying into? Have you done any research to back up your beliefs? What does your gut say about it all? Are you in harmony with what you believe, or have you “drunk the Koolaid,” and bought into what everyone else believes without giving it another thought? 

This is an important time to really take a deep look at what we believe and what we are “making true” in our world. It is all about beliefs, and whatever you are energizing within your consciousness is what you will keep seeing in your world. In order to change the world, we must all change our deepest beliefs—both conscious and subconscious. 

The average person isn’t inclined to do such deep “truth-telling.” Most people just want to go along with what other people are thinking and “call it a day,” It is easier. You aren’t making waves by thinking for yourself. If you do the same as those around you, then you’ll be accepted by them and “be safe.” That is the thinking here. 

It takes a fairly brave soul to stand up for Truth and to hold onto their Light, even in the darkest of times. People who are metaphysically oriented are already on a “different path” for the most part, but we are all still being challenged in today’s world to trust our intuition and honor our path to seek the Truth. There is so much “propaganda” and even lies being foisted upon an unwilling public, it’s unbelievable. But when you just accept what you’re being told, you get sucked into the darkness and negativity, and this diminishes your Light. 

We are in this “Pluto Return” period that happens every 247 years, and it’s basically “kicking our collective butts.” It is a period of time—perhaps 6 years or more—that is characterized by chaos and mayhem, with life, as we know it, turned upside down. We often feel out of control and have strong feelings of “wanting out,” because it’s all just too intense. Sound familiar? 

And because this Pluto Return is happening in the second house of the economy and resources (for the U.S. chart), we are having issues with having enough energy and resources for life to work for us. We are having supply chain issues and our money is being devalued for a number of reasons. It’s quite an intense period for us all. 

It is important to look at what was going on here 247 years ago, to see the patterns, and to learn from the past. At that time, we were having a revolution in our country, fighting against the tyranny of England, and breaking away in order to set up a free and independent society and government in America. We had similar “supply chain” issues, and our money “wasn’t worth a Continental” (the name of the currency at that time.) 

Obviously, we, as representatives of all humanity, are working on our ability to be free, to be self-governing, and to trust that all our needs—for food, energy, shelter, etc.—will always be met. Anywhere in your consciousness, where you don’t believe this is so, or have fears of yours being taken away—that is where the inner work lies. 

We all need to affirm and believe in the abundance of life on the planet, and that we absolutely have enough to have all our basic needs easily met. When enough people hold this within their consciousness, it shall be so. This is how we create our world collectively. 

Many don’t believe in such an abundance at this time, and therefore, are not experiencing this. Pluto is often called “the great Leveler”… in that it pummels us to the breaking point, even making us feel like we’re dying, and then once we “burn in the fire,” the proverbial Phoenix rises from the ashes to reveal a new and transformed Self. 

This is what we are all going through now, “burning” in the fires of this intensely transformative “Plutonian” process, in order for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes renewed and reborn. It is far from easy, but we will rise. It is our destiny. Just as the Americans won the war and freed themselves from the tyranny of England 247 years ago, we will rise above the tyranny and darkness that is upon us from multiple sources, and we will come together in a united whole, under God, committed to being in and maintaining our spiritual Light. 

The important thing is to keep letting go of your fears. They will keep you stuck forever if you let them. When you trust in God and in Life, there is no room for fear. During this intense time, all you can do is to keep letting go of your fears as they surface, and keep saying “no” to them, as your friends, family and favorite TV news programs continue to try to hook you into believing them. 

Yes, that negative energy is everywhere, and it truly takes a strong soul to think for him or herself, and not go along with the current collective consciousness. Remember, in a Pluto period, it does feel like we’re dying on a certain level. We’re dying to “our old self” and being reborn into a brand-new version of our self, so it is scary. But again, trusting the spiritual process of Life is paramount, and buying into the fear just doesn’t work… and doesn’t create the life we all want for ourselves planetary-wide. 

As more people wake up to the potential for life to be abundant for everyone and the idea that we can all work together and support each other in getting our needs met (vs. engaging in war and trying to “destroy our enemies”), then life on the planet can shift. We can change how it is for everyone. Buying out of the fear is the first and most important step, since that frees us to engage in more unlimited thinking.

It is through unlimited and visionary thinking that we can recreate this world, which is apparently what humanity needs to do now. By working on clearing our fears and negative beliefs and doing all we can to “hold our spiritual Light,” we will prevail, and our commitment to Love, Truth, and Goodness will provide the foundation and cosmic precepts upon which a new world will be built.

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