Embracing the Change Upon Us (published in Sedona Magazine 2-10-20)

February 10, 2020

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it hasn’t exactly been a “piece of cake” this past year, to be a human. That is, we have been literally buffeted about by so many intense planetary energies this past year, that it’s been hard to drop anchor and feel centered and grounded throughout the process. So the key is to not judge yourself for feeling out-of-sorts, not like your normal self, out of control, or any variation therein. 

We are all being pushed, molded, forged, and compressed—in order to become something new, different, and more powerful, with a Higher vibration and energy than ever before. This may sound great (and cosmically speaking, it IS great!!), but the reality is that life has been anything but “easy, breezy…” 

When a piece of steel is tempered in the fire, it becomes harder, more durable, stronger, more capable of withstanding breakage. However, if the steel could talk while it was in the fire, you’d be hearing, “Ouch, ouch, this hurts, get me out of here!!”  This is what MANY of us have been going through. We’re in this highly transformational process now, in which we’re all being “tempered, like steel, in the fire.” 

We are being forged into a stronger, better, more durable version of who we once were. But for most of us, at least at a subconscious level, it is bringing up a lot of, “Ouch, ouch, this hurts, get me out of here.” In any transformational process, there is a component of feeling like you’re dying—literally, because, on a certain level, you are. 

You are dying to who you once were and becoming something you truly know nothing about. It can be scary for sure, since we really don’t know where we’re headed. But it’s important to have faith and trust the process, and essentially embrace the change that is upon us all, even though you have no idea where it is taking you. 

You see, for those who refuse to embrace this change, or who don’t realize they are changing for the better—even though the going may be tough in the present—they may actually welcome the death they feel is upon them, and create leaving the body. This is not an uncommon occurrence during highly transformational periods in life, like the one we’re in now. 

When life feels hard, and your goals seem unattainable or somehow disappear from view, you may want to throw the towel in and give up on it all. This is a common experience for many these days. When you feel overwhelmed and out of control because of all that’s on your plate and all that is expected of you—another common experience for people these days—you may also want to give up and just “get the hell out of Dodge” because it’s all too much. 

The problem here is that the body always obeys the mind, even the subconscious mind. So when your subconscious mind starts yelling, “I can’t take this anymore, it’s too much, I just want to bag it all, I can’t do this anymore” (a common theme these days, based on the planetary energies hitting us all), the body says, “Aye aye, Captain,” and starts shutting down parts of organs and systems to ultimately help you get what you want: which is “getting out of here.” 

It may create minor health issues first.  Maybe you get the flu (or other virus), or maybe you just feel exhausted for prolonged periods of time. But eventually, if you aren’t able to change those “get me out of here” instructions to the body, it will absolutely make sure you get what you want, which is “out of here.” This is why a number of people “check out” during a highly transformational period like the one we’re in. 

You have to watch your thoughts and what you’re expressing to others. It’s okay to say, for example, “I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted lately.” You are simply sharing your truth. But you want to watch the follow-up to that. Do you say, “I can’t take it anymore,” or “I’m so sick and tired of feeling this way,” or “I just want out of here”? Those kinds of thoughts add fuel to the “get me out of here” fire you’re creating. 

What if you followed up sharing your experience with something like, “And I’m so willing to get through this as fast as possible.”  Or, I’m willing to find someone who can help me get through this as fast as possible.”  Or, “I know this is about changing myself at a deep level of my being, and I’m probably experiencing resistance to that, but I am willing to get through this as easily and quickly as possible.”  See the difference? 

The people who check out have no idea that something better lies ahead, after this intense period of “being tempered by the fire” is done. All they know is that they are hurting, feel overwhelmed and exhausted, and see no end in sight. Death seems like a great alternative here and now, to end their pain and suffering—even though this process is often unconscious and not in a person’s awareness. 

When you understand that we are all in an incredibly transformational period and that there is an end in sight—where it gets better and we rise to a new level of who we are and what our life is about—then you can focus on the “better times ahead.” Then you can have the faith required to make it through this period as easily as possible, knowing that although it feels like a “death” of sorts, it does not have to be the death of your body and an end to your life. 

Think about the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly. The crawling, earthbound caterpillar actually dissolves its structure to a great degree, and changes shape in the cocoon, before it emerges as a beautiful, soaring butterfly. As the caterpillar waits patiently in its cocoon for the transformation to take place, it could be saying to itself, “Uh oh, what’s going to happen to me, this is scary… I don’t know what I will become. Aghh, I want out, I’m afraid of the future, I won’t know who I am.” 

This is exactly what many of us are going through. We are in the cocoon, about to experience great change. We are scared, overwhelmed, or at least insecure—because we don’t really understand what’s going on. It is important now, to embrace the change that is upon us. As the caterpillar awaits its transformation in the cocoon, we are all awaiting our transformation at the end of this period. 

We don’t know how we’ll be or what our life will look like. But in trusting the process, you will absolutely go through it with flying colors. You can’t do it wrong. The key is to relax, embrace the change, and keep making the best decisions you can that will support your Highest Good. 

Unlike the caterpillar, we don’t have the luxury of “spinning a cocoon and waiting until the transformation is over.” We need to be in the world, interacting with other people (who are also going through the same thing!)  So just do your best to be good to yourself, and as kind as you can to others.

Make decisions in favor of what feels good and nurturing to you FIRST… because if you don’t, that will feed those “get me out of here” feelings. It’s important you tend to your own needs first. Once you feel like your needs are met, you will have more to give to others. The more you put them first, the more you will feel like “getting out of here” is your only and best option.

 Change is upon us all. Embrace it. Look forward to the new you that is about to emerge in the coming times. Be the best you can be to yourself and others. You will make it through this. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!


Phyllis Light, Ph.D., is an author, expert in “Telepathic Healing,” pioneer in subtle energy protection, and creator of Rejuvenizers®—protective and healing devices designed to combat the ills of life in a high-tech world.  She has spent over 35 years researching how to deeply clear negativity in the subconscious mind and energy field, in order to bring greater health, well-being, and spiritual awareness to all people.  For more information: (512) 301-2999  or  www.lighthealing.com.


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