December 2005 Holiday Newsletter

December 01, 2005

Hello everyone!

Here are a few gift ideas for the holiday season. We, at Light Unlimited, believe in offering gifts that uplift and support health and well-being. Some of these items are new and not yet on our website, so we wanted you to know about them right away.

1) A bag of natural, sun-dried, pesticide-free Tibetan Goji berries

We JUST got these in, and are very excited about them. Weve been waiting for months, for the Tibetan harvest to be ready. They have healing and rejuvenating properties. You can actually feel a subtle uplifting effect from eating just a handful of them! If you eat just 1 3/4 Tablespoons (a small handful) every day for 21 days, the berries will start to produce actual healing effects on the body. $22.95 for a large 18 oz. bag ($20.95 if you order two bags or more at a time) (suggested retail price: $27.95) (Not yet available on website. Call us with your order. 512-301-2999).

2) Basic Truths About the Nature of Life

This 40-page, full-color book, full of beautiful photographs, is uplifting and inspirational. Wonderful for those who are new to metaphysics or those already familiar. The book contains special healing energy for all who read it, and makes a lovely, meaningful gift. $15.95

3) Bottle of "Silica" (in liquid form, tasteless and odorless)

Everyone I have tested so far seems to need this essential mineral. It helps build bones, connective tissue, and collagen. It can help overcome degenerative problems like osteoporosis, arthritis, and degenerative joint diseases. Silica can also help prevent premature aging and cardiovascular and Alzheimer's disease. This plus the "Multiple Mineral"liquid supplement we carry can help reduce wrinkles and cellulite over time. If you have a loved one who has any of these challenges and would welcome a solution, this would be a true "gift of life." $19.99 per bottle. (Not yet available on website. Call us with your order. 512-301-2999.)

4) Any Rejuvenizer would make a wonderful gift.

Cell Phone Rejuvenizer

The least expensive gift idea would be the Cell Phone Rejuvenizer. According to my research, 1 in 19 people who use the cell phone three or more hours a day will have some kind of physical problem in the brain as a result. The Cell Phone Rejuvenizer will help ensure that this doesnt happen! Another potential gift of life. $25.

Travel Rejuvenizer

If you know anyone who travels a lot in their car, a Travel Rejuvenizer would be terrific. It is programmed to help a person be safe and protected from EMFs and other bombarding frequencies while driving. It also works to keep you and other nearby drivers awake and alert to help minimize the possibilty of accidents. Another life-enhancing gift! $65.

Personal Rejuvenizers

For someone who means a lot to you-- to whom you would give the world if you could, a Personal Rejuvenizer would be a true blessing. Encoded with over 3 million different healing and protective functions, the Rejuvenizer will help your loved one in countless ways, from protecting him or her from computers, microwaves, cell phones, satellites, TV, and radio frequencies and helping them heal and restore their body to normal functioning, to helping them clear old programming that creates physical and emotional challenges. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. The Personal Rejuvenizer will give a lifetime of ongoing healing and protection. What an incredible gift! $169.

Thank you for your support and for your desire to grow and become more of the Light that you are. May your Light shine on all your friends and loved ones, and uplift them this holiday season!

Many blessings to all!
Phyllis & the Staff at Light Unlimited

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