Holiday Newsletter 2017: Addendum

December 25, 2017

Hi Everyone.
I hope you're making it through this holiday season with flying colors so far. There is a certainly a lot of joy to be had!!! In addition, it seems, the energies have been kind of intense, in case you haven't noticed. We have had a number of people contact the office with loved ones, neighbors, and co-workers who were experiencing depression, along with suicidal thoughts and feelings. Ugh!! 
I actually had a bout of depression myself, until I figured out that there was a new satellite system put in place that was causing me to feel depressed! (Yes, all those frequencies will do that!!!) I was able to upgrade the Rejuvenizers to clear the depression! I can't imagine how people out there are surviving life WITHOUT a Rejuvenizer!! But that's another topic for a different time. 
Truthfully, if anyone is going through "heavy stuff" right now, just call the office or call the mini-session hotline (512-301-2998) and request extra clearing, and we will issue clearing for you (or your loved ones) right away, whatever you need. We won't be billing you until next Wednesday, when Angela is back in the office. But we work on the honor system. You call in, and the clearing starts right away, even if you only leave a message with your request.
Now, here's the topic of the day:
I am writing to you now, because Modere, the online "shopping mall" whose non-toxic, plant-based, botanical products I often recommend to people, just came out with a special sale, this AM. I thought many of you might want to take advantage of it. The sale starts now and goes until December 31st.
They have a great weight-management program, reasonably priced at $159.99 per month. And, they recommend a pledge of three months to stick with it, to see results. So, they are offering a three-month supply of product, for the price of LESS THAN TWO MONTHS' WORTH!! It's pretty cool. You save about $180… and you can shed those unwanted pounds from the abundance you happily enjoyed at Thanksgiving and soon Christmas :-)
They also have a Facebook Group to support your progress, and if you "Friend Request" me (I'm on FB as Phyllis Bank Light), I can get you to the M3 group, to get that online support. It helps to have "buddies" to share the experience with.
You will have a choice of flavors. I, personally, love the "Spice."  It tastes GREAT!! All protein is sourced from peas (so, vegetarian), but the "Chocolate Bliss" is from whey (dairy), just so you know.
If you already have an account set up with Modere (you know who you are), just login to the Modere site with your email and password and see the blue "special promotion bar" at the top of the site.
If you haven't yet set up an account, you need to register with them (it's free). Once you do so, you can click on the "Learn more" on the blue top bar and away you go! 
To set up an account with Modere, use the following link. It will actually give you an additional $10 off your first order!!
This isn't really about "dieting" per se, but about creating healthier life-style choices. You can read all about it on the site. I just wanted you to know about the sale, in case you wanted to take advantage.
If you have any questions about it, you can contact me personally at: This email address is for "Modere concerns" only. All other business issues continue to go through the regular business email:, which allows Angela to stay on top of everything. Thanks for honoring our system.
All my best for a safe and joyful holiday season!!!

Phyllis, at Light Unlimited