Holiday Newsletter 2017

December 01, 2017

Hi Everyone,


It's holiday time, and I wanted to remind you all of the "Continuous Holiday Clearing" we do during this time of year.  It is SOO valuable to keep peace and harmony within our families when we get together for the holidays. As you surely know, our family members can easily trigger our old emotional "baggage," and it's easy to get stuck in deep, negative feelings when we "go home for the holidays."  Yes, it's the season of gratitude and joy, but when we get stuck in our old, negative programming, it can be quite a challenge to be around our loved ones… even though there is, of course, love at the core of our relationships.
With the Continuous Holiday Clearing, we "jump in" every time you get triggered, and begin continuous clearing and healing for that particular issue which then continues for up to three weeks.  So you may wind up getting numerous "mini sessions" per day, depending on how often your old programming comes up. Because we are all working through deep issues these days (see my first article in the Fall Newsletter, my "planetary update", it is very likely that your family and loved ones will trigger lots for you this holiday season. (At a Higher level, they are serving you and helping you "get free and clear" of your old programming, by triggering it and allowing you to experience it.. so you can ultimately let it go.)  
With the Holiday Clearing, you will be able to get the help you need, to clear the programming as it comes up, so you don't have to hold onto it, stew over it, and feel blame towards the person who triggered it in you yet again.  It's a win/win… you get to feel better during the holidays, and the family gathering will be much more enjoyable!!!  You can even order a Holiday Clearing for a family member that may tend to show up as grumpy or irritable as their norm. It can make a huge difference for everyone to help that particular person in this profound way. You can call the office, or order this online…  The cost is $15 per day, with a three-day minimum, and you can request as many days as you want.
Take full advantage of this holiday season for personal growth, as well as to maximize the happiness and love you share with others!


In the last newsletter, I talked about my recent discovery in relationships… how the "collective energy field" of a particular relationship can be filled with negativity, energetically "spin backwards," and need to be unwound many times, to restore peace and harmony in that relationship. I realized that this is a HUGE service to people, and have created a new "relationship clearing" in which we clear the negativity that may have gathered in the collective energy field of a relationship, often after many years of blaming or projecting a lot of negativity onto each other.
Some of the relationship energy fields I've been clearing have been nearly at a 100% filled with negativity, have been spinning backwards (it happens when there is a lot of blame energy present), and have needed millions of unwindings! It's been quite eye-opening to see how people can get their relationships, over time, into a really negative place, as "the norm." When the relationship energy field is negative, spinning backwards, or extremely torqued, you feel negative about and toward the person as a knee-jerk reaction. In other words, just thinking or interacting with the person brings up tons of negativity in you, because you are feeling all the negative energy that has built up over the years in your collective energy field. So this clearing will get the energy field of the relationship back to 0% negative, spinning positively, and completely harmonious (that is, no longer wound up or torqued due to stress.)  I have seen it take a number of months to complete the process.  
The key to ultimate success in any relationship is to clear the old patterns and programming that make you blame the other person for your unhappiness. If you keep blaming them and making them wrong for what YOU are experiencing, then you will fill the relationship energy field back up with negativity and stress. During the period of time I clear the relationship energy field, even if it takes a number of months, I keep any new negativity or blame energy out, so I'm giving you a "reprieve" in a sense, from "messing up" the relationship again.
The negativity in most relationships goes back quite some time... especially with family members or couples who have been married a long time, and who have been "at odds" for many years. So this clearing can bring some welcomed relief for both parties, and is highly recommended to "re-boot" your relationship and give it an opportunity to transform and thrive anew. 
Since this great discovery, I have also learned that we can have a "collective relationship energy field" with "things or situations"… not just people.  For example, one of my clients has had a lot of issues with the customer service department of large organizations, and he said that every time he calls a company like this, he can feel himself getting angry almost immediately.  So he has a "collective energy field" with "customer service departments" that needs to be cleared, so he can "start over" and not come from being angry and upset, due to past negative experiences. You can have a collective energy field with any activity that brings up negativity, resistance, or stress in you. Here are some examples: cleaning house… exercising.. going to work… de-cluttering your space… losing weight.. getting somewhere on time… meeting deadlines.  You get the idea. All of these "relationships" can also be cleared with this process, freeing you to do the things that you may have trouble doing, due to past negative experiences regarding those situations.
Interestingly enough, I see people with a "collective energy field" with parts of their bodies. Do you ever look at your…. (pick one.. or more)… feet, belly, breasts, hair, face, thighs… etc.. and feel judgmental toward yourself? I think we all have one or more places in our bodies where we do that. God knows how all the commercials on TV we watched all those years while growing up have made us self-conscious about how we look and how we "should" look, to be like all the beautiful models in the ads. (If you don't have this, be thankful you don't!!!)  
So we can clear those kinds of relationships as well, in terms of getting negativity, "backwards spinning energy," and torque out of the field, to give you a renewed opportunity to love that area of your body, even if you're working on changing or improving yourself there. It's best to love what we have and work on improving it, as opposed to trying to make it go away because we hate it. The latter rarely works, because that hatred will block your happiness and ability to transform your body every time. (That's why "diets" don't usually work, because people are coming from making their body wrong and projecting negativity onto it, and this keeps it stuck exactly where it is, the opposite of what you want!)
This clearing isn't yet on the website. You'll just have to call the office and speak with Angela to set it up.  I will let you know how long it will take.  The cost for the clearing is $25 a month… very reasonable :-)
I am writing this both for people who are new to Liquid Biocell Life and for those already taking it. For those who are new to the product, I want to say that I truly believe that the Liquid Biocell Life, along with the Personal Rejuvenizer, are two of the most powerful products for healing and transformation on the planet. I am proud to call the Personal Rejuvenizer "my baby," and I now call the Liquid Biocell "my stepchild," as they have both been a Godsend to me, truly "bringing me back to life"!
Interestingly enough, the Personal Rejuvenizer brought me back from "the jaws of death" thirty years ago, when I was so weak and sick from exposure to all the electromagnetic fields and frequencies that existed back then (nothing compared to nowadays, but enough to nearly kill me nonetheless!). And then eight years ago, when I felt like I hit "the aging wall" and started slowing down, feeling "too old to climb the steps easily," Liquid Biocell Life gave me my life back, and now I trot up and down the stairs easily, like a much younger person would. So both have been extremely "life-saving" at different times in my life.
The Personal Rejuvenizer works from the "top down," shielding and repairing the energy field, which is the blueprint for the physical body. As the energy field heals, the physical body starts to rebuild and repair itself, and the result is, we feel happier, lighter, and get healthier over time. 
The Liquid Biocell Life works from the "bottom up," nourishing, feeding, re-hydrating the cells, tissues, joints, muscles….all things physical. So your body starts to heal in ways that wasn't possible before, re-growing cartilage, collagen and connective tissue. But because its properties literally have an anti-aging effect, you start to feel happier, more alive, and more youthful as a result. So the two "meet in the middle," creating greater health and well-being on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. What a perfect marriage!!
Now you know why I have been so enthusiastic about both the Rejuvenizer and the Liquid Biocell!! If any of you are interested, I have been gathering stories for the past 8 years, from people who have been on the Liquid Biocell.. really wonderful accounts of healing I'd love to share with you (I have wonderful Rejuvenizer testimonials as well, on the website, but not the Liquid Biocell ones.) 
If you are interested in trying the Liquid Biocell, for healthy joints and younger-looking skin, or better health in general, here is a link where you get a $10 discount off your first order:  
For those who are already on Liquid Biocell, they have created a "new generation" of the product.  They have taken out the water and made it more concentrated, so now you only need a Tablespoon twice a day, am and pm. The bottles are smaller, made of "safe plastic" (called PET) and are less expensive. So they've passed that savings onto us. Let me know how you like it. You can always mix it with water and have the same great-tasting juice you have known and loved :-) 
I may do that, as I really did like the juice before. But I can see how this is a lot easier and more practical. Here's an idea: save one of your glass bottles, add the contents of the new bottle to it. Then add water to fill… and voilà, our "juice" is back to how it was. Just an idea. Up to you of course. 
If any of you have any particular questions or concerns about the Liquid Biocell, TRIA (the all natural Energy Drink I wrote about a few months ago), Liquid Biocell for Pets, or any of the other Modere products, you can email me directly at:  For all other business concerns (about sessions, Rejuvenizers, and our regular Light Unlimited products) write to: Everything goes through Angela first, except all things Liquid Biocell and Modere, which is why I'm giving you my direct address for these products.
HOLIDAY SALE:  25% off Luggage Rejuvenizers through December 20th

Designed to protect the contents of your luggage from airport scanners, the Luggage Rejuvenizers will also keep your vitamin supplements, makeup, and food free from degradation by the damaging scanner frequencies. In addition, the various radiating devices also allow negative energies to get into and remain within your suitcase and its contents. The Luggage Rejuvenizer will protect from this effect.

Finally, some people are particularly aware of the negative energy left by the authorities who search through your suitcase at the airport. The Luggage Rejuvenizer is designed to clear all such energy, leaving your clothes and belongings with your energy alone.

In addition, the Luggage Rejuvenizers can be put into your bags at the grocery store, and within 15 minutes, will restore the life force of all of your groceries from the degrading effects of the scanner frequencies. Our high-tech world has a high cost to our health on a variety of levels… and one is the degradation of all the food and products we purchase when they are scanned at the grocery store!! The Luggage Rejuvenizers are normally sold individually for $35 each, or a set of four (in case you have more than one suitcase or more than one grocery bag), for $25 each… then minus the 25% from there. The sale price will be available on our website:

May your hearts be filled with LOVE, JOY, & GRATITUDE….
Wishing you all the best this holiday season!!!
Phyllis & Angela, at Light Unlimited / 512-301-2999