Light Unlimited Spring 2018 Newsletter

June 29, 2018




Hi Everyone!

It seems about time for me to give a cosmic update as to what's going on. Have you noticed it's been a bit intense these days?  Well, I get that 87% of you are experiencing this. The other 13% aren't CONSCIOUSLY experiencing this, but deep down, you too are in the same boat. Here's what seems to be going on.

You've heard me mention before that we all experienced a major influx of Higher, Divine energies several years back.  At this point, we are all incredibly "busy" being transformed from the inside out, as we're having to integrate this new energy into our Being and into our world… as fast as humanly possible!  And this Higher energy is pushing up and out all the inner "demons and negative programs" we've been harboring for EONS. Yes, that's right, our biggest and ugliest stuff is coming to the surface to be purged from our Being. And it's happening super fast, which is why it can feel so hard… and intense. It's all coming up so that we can let it go.

So how does it feel to run into (yet again) our deepest negative stuff?  It can feel TERRIBLE.  It's stuff we thought we had left behind or at least put to rest a long time ago. Yet, here it is, IN OUR FACE once again. Can you relate?  This is no accident.  If it weren't in us, it wouldn't be coming up for our review and healing.  So you have to trust that whatever is coming up is part of what YOU need to deal with, in order to become a Higher and better expression of who you are. That's what this is all about.

Is that bad news? NO!!!  It's great actually. There is such a huge opportunity for personal and spiritual growth happening now, it's unbelievable.  Because so many of our old programs are up for review, we can do MAJOR clearing and healing on them, and truly get past these obstacles that have plagued us for so long. Is it comfortable going through it? If you're a sensitive soul, probably not. But hang in there, this too, shall pass. I came up with a great analogy for what's going on.

It's like we're surfing on this giant wave of fast and furious change, and we're doing our best to ride our surfboard and stay on top of the wave, that is, to stay on top of things. But sometimes, the wave overpowers us, and knocks us under the water, and we sputter and choke, maybe even feel like we're drowning and won't make it through this. And then we're suddenly able to regroup and get back up on top of our surf board and ride the wave again. And we feel better and more empowered than before. And then, oops, the same thing happens again…. and again… until we've reached this new place of self-expression and self-empowerment, which is on the cosmic docket for us all. 

The key is letting go of it all (not so easily done of course)—everything we thought we were, everything we think we are... as we're being re-done. That's the best way I can describe it. On a certain level, you will work through it all over time. However, my work will support you in moving through it faster and more efficiently, with minimum hardship and negativity. It still isn't necessarily a "piece of cake." But, it's important to know that you are doing all you can to embrace the changes and become the "new you" that you are supposed to become.

We are all learning to go through life in a way that supports our Higher Self and allows us to experience more peace and joy on the journey.  Many of you may already have experienced some sort of breakthrough—in how you do things or how you structure your life. This is a fabulous time to make changes and re-structure your world. This new energy is helping us to accomplish all that, so trusting the process is super important.

Both trusting the process and clearing any issues that come up along the way—those are the best things you can do for yourself now, to ensure the most success on this journey.  I am here for you, to help you with this personal and spiritual transformation you are undergoing.  Keep breathing, keep asking for support, and you will get through this with flying colors. That's the cosmic plan!!!


spring20018rejuvenizers 3

We know how badly people need a Rejuvenizer. Our air is soooo saturated with unwanted electromagnetic fields and life-damaging frequencies. We are all swimming in a "toxic soup" of energies that is draining our life force, weakening our immune system, and disconnecting us spiritually. YET, we can't see this happening because these energies are essentially invisible. So we spend more and more time on our Smart phones, watching Netflix (which is digitally broadcast over our TVs), surfing the internet, and using our GPS to find our way around. Overhead TV, radio, and other satellites beam frequencies down at us constantly. Our houses have computers, wireless internet (WiFi) networks, WiFi signals broadcast from our neighbors' networks, Smart meters, along with many appliances and pieces of equipment that run on WiFi from apps on our phones. We can't get away from these detrimental energies; they surround us 24/7!!

So, in the name of helping you and your loved ones a bit, we are having this sale on our "Spring" Rejuvenizers. This may be a time you can help ailing loved ones who aren't yet protected by the Rejuvenizer.



This is a new Modere product that I'm really excited about. You probably already know this, but good gut health is crucial to our overall health. And good gut health means having a plentiful supply of "good bacteria" in the GI tract. We all have a mixture of both good and bad bacteria in our intestinal flora, and apparently can never get rid of all of the bad bacteria. However, we can encourage the growth of the good bacteria, so that they dominate the GI tract and help us to create good health.
When we eat white flour, sugar, and many processed and artificial foods, we feed the bad bacteria, which then grow and multiply in the gut. When we take probiotics on a daily basis, we continually replenish the supply of good bacteria, which helps our body to function normally, supporting better health. When the bad bacteria flourish, they can cause:
Poor immune system health
Type 2 Diabetes
Skin conditions (like acne, rosacea, psoriasis)
Trouble maintaining a healthy weight 
Acid Reflux (plus burping, gas, and bloating)
Brain fog/ lack of mental clarity
When the good bacteria flourish, they help you digest food, eliminate waste, promote healthy immune system function, regulate your metabolism, and have higher energy levels and greater mental clarity. When our intestinal flora is ideally balanced at 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria, our gut functions at its very best. In recent research, I found that most of the people I tested only had between 7% and 35% good bacteria, and 65% to 93% bad bacteria… far from the ideal balance.  
The problem is that even when you take a probiotic supplement, most of the good bacteria don't make it past the digestive acids, and never get to the intestines where they are needed for good gut health. So even if you are taking in "millions of good bacteria" in any particular supplement, it is possible that less than 1% will actually make it to their destination: the intestines.  
So the cool thing about this new Probiotic by Modere is that they have incorporated a unique "encapsulation system" that allows the good bacteria to make it through digestion successfully and arrive intact in the intestines. In fact, they guarantee that at least 5 billion cells of good bacteria will make it past digestion, to the intestines!!! It's pretty remarkable actually. 
It came to me that this product could get you up to a balance of 86% good bacteria to 14% bad bacteria. This is really the best I've seen to-date from any probiotic product… which is why I'm excited to share this with you. It costs $29.95 a month, and Modere has a special program in which you can get your products sent to you automatically every month (called "Smartship"), and they reward you with discounts: 5% for the first 3 consecutive months, then 7% for the next three, then 10%, and finally, after 12 consecutive months, you get 15% off.  
Many of you who are taking Liquid Biocell are currently benefiting from this program. If you do not yet have a Modere account, you could open one in order to get the Probiotic using this link:  (you will also get $10 off for a first time order), or if you already have an account with Modere, you can just add this to your current Smartship monthly order… and you'll receive the discounts accordingly.
If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me at: and I'll do my best to help you in any way I can.



Personal Rejuvenizer
"For the longest time I've wanted to find out what my guides/Angels/Higher Self thought of all the various energy pendants I have. I sort of collect them and then finally realized I never asked for their input on this.  I've always been very observant about what my angels have to say when they give me advice in any area, and after I asked them to choose the best pendant of all the ones out there, I was surprised when they led me to the Rejuvenizer pendant. I didn't own this particular pendant but knew if my angels recommended it, this would be the best for me to have, since I trust them so much. I bought the Rejuvenizer strictly on their recommendation and have never felt better! I can't believe I waited so long to ask them.... oh well, I'm happy now and can report a huge increase in my energy plus many other shifts toward total health. I'm also very happy at how much the Rejuvenizer stimulates my Higher chakras and keeps me more in-tune to my Higher guidance!"
John Pacifico, Psychic Reader who does "Angel Readings" Lost Angeles, CA
Wishing you Peace and Lightness of Being this Spring Season…. 
(and all our best for "staying on top of your surfboard" and enjoying the ride!!!)
Phyllis & Angela, at Light Unlimited