Fall 2019 Newsletter

October 10, 2019

Hi Everyone,
Many of you have been asking for this for a while… so here it is, at last!
Planetary Update:

hand holding planet Earth-smaller 3

Have you noticed life has felt more intense lately?… I bet you have!!  The powerful energies we are dealing with have been going on since the latter part of January, 2019. This has been (and will continue to be) what I call a heavy "Pluto/Saturn" period… because these two planets are influencing us greatly these days.  The energies of Pluto and Saturn relate to death and rebirth, along with mastery of life.  In order to be a better version of yourself, the "old you" has to die in a way. This can be very uncomfortable (to say the least), but is necessary… in order to create the space for the "new you" to be born. It's like the phoenix rising from the ashes. First the bird has to crash and burn.. OUCH… but then it rises from the ashes, totally transformed into a higher and better version of itself. And the whole process can feel quite overwhelming. That's the "Pluto" part.
When you throw Saturn into the mix, you get a "long and hard path"… seemingly endless… often hopeless.  But you're climbing that mountain to reach the top, and nothing will stop you (except maybe your old negative beliefs and programs!) Saturn calls on us to be persistent, persevering, never quitting.  So what has been coming up for many people these days is: "It's so hard, is it worth it?  What's life all about anyway? Do I really want to be here?  What is the purpose of it all anyway?" All this may accompany feeling down, hopeless and depressed, because that mountain top is just way too high and seemingly insurmountable. It just doesn't seem like you'll be able to get to where you want to be. Sound familiar to anyone? You'd be surprised at how many people are saying and experiencing these exact same thoughts and feelings, although you may think this is unique to you.  
Here's the deal. You have three choices really:  Succumb to the energy and decide to quit. Believe all that's going on in your mind, and decide that the suffering and struggle just aren't worth it and that "you're outa here." (I've had some clients who shared those exact sentiments with me!!!  And, you may have friends or loved ones who have, sadly enough, "chosen out" at this time.)  Or, you can roll up your sleeves, take advantage of my clearing work as a valuable resource to help you through this, and clear your way out of it. That's option number two.
Option number three is to go unconscious, probably what most people do for a coping strategy. I'm not judging them for that, but as most of you know, the name of the game is BECOMING MORE CONSCIOUS… and developing your full potential as a spiritual being of Light and Love.  Going unconscious and NOT dealing with your issues… well, you are not making the soul progress you could potentially make here. 
The problem with option number one, "quitting and choosing out," is that you take all your negative programs and beliefs with you, and you will have to work through them at some point.  Leaving to "get away from your problems" isn't really a viable way out, just a temporary fix. You WILL have to face those same issues again, at some point, in some future lifetime… they don't just go away. I recommend option number two… just keep "clearing your way out of this!!!"

This is an incredible time in the history of this planet to make TONS of spiritual progress. But you have to choose it, and many would rather load up on anti-depressants and ignore their feelings, which have become too much for them to deal with. This is understandable, as Pluto brings the energy of "feeling overwhelmed, like it's all too much" to the table. But these are feelings, energies, and patterns stored in the subconscious that need to be cleared. And in clearing them, tremendous progress can be made! 
I hope that sheds some light onto what's going on. My best guess is another 3-6 months of the same, but don't hold me to that. The universe keeps surprising me with new growth opportunities all the time.  But that's what I was told anyway… 3 to 6 months. I know the planet is up for many changes on many levels, so it just depends on how flexible you can be, and how well you can flow with all the changes life is bringing. 
I recommend taking each day at a time and choosing more activities that "light you up"… and are fun for you. When things get tough, what brings you some relief and enjoyment? Write down 2 or 3 things, and do them several times a week. You have to CHOOSE to do this, which may feel like choosing out of your comfort zone. But this will be good for your soul, and let you know that life on the planet is not as heavy and serious as it may seem.
You know where to find me if you need extra help. All extra requests for help at this time are well worth it. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity for growth and healing, and know that it's no accident what you are feeling or going through. It all will ultimately lead you to a greater inner strength and sense of purpose. So hang in there, work on yourself, and know that this is a phase you're going through, not necessarily the definition of the rest of your life :-).
New, Advanced Clearing Opportunities
As I said, all that is going on energetically is actually great for growth. Why? Because it's pressing our buttons so badly, we HAVE TO SO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!  As a result, new ways of working with people have emerged (many of you have experienced this already!!). Two new things have "come through" to help people deal with the unbelievable amount of stuff that has gotten triggered in them during this "death to rebirth" period. 
One new thing is called a "maxi-session" (as opposed to the regular "mini-session" that is recommended periodically between full sessions.)  People seem to be needing so much extra support these days, that the maxi session became a new way to help everyone… in addition to their regular sessions and mini-sessions!  The "maxi" gives you an extra THREE MONTHS' worth of clearing, instead of the usual three WEEKS that the "mini" gives you. Yes, many have needed an extra three months of clearing BETWEEN SESSIONS!!  
In addition, some people are dredging up SOOOO much stuff, that I am needing to issue these "extra intervention packages" that go beyond their regular clearing work. (Many of you have experienced these as well!)  When someone calls in with a particular issue that seems SOOO intense, I have gotten the information that what they are dealing with will take an extra "five, ten, fifteen, etc. months" to clear fully.  So, I am gathering up all parts and pieces of the issue… as much as they can handle at that time… and am bundling them together, so that they all get "marked for deletion" here and now, and the person can get substantial relief UP FRONT, rather than months down the road when all the pieces are finally cleared. 
And many are needing numerous such "extra intervention packages." That's how much we are getting triggered at this time. It's unreal. So the good news is, WOW, this is an incredible time to really go for it and clear "the bejeezus" out of you. I've been seeing many of you who are really going for it and are poised to experience huge breakthroughs. These will happen at "just the right time," although sometimes you may wonder if it will ever happen. Don't despair if it all feels overwhelming. That's just Pluto doing its thing: making you feel overwhelmed to the point of having to "transform or die." Yes it is intense, and we all are going through it.  
Just know that a lot of good can come out of all this as well:  new beginnings, new relationships, marriages, new business opportunities. The ultimate point of it all is to transform into something new, better… different. So that is happening as well, and we all will experience our own personal breakthroughs when our time comes. Patience… perseverance.. and trust are all necessary now. And by all means, keep getting "the beejeezus" cleared out of you :-).

Products Corner

Modere Cellproof Essentials-small2 2

I'd like to mention an amazing new collection of skincare products that Modere has just launched: The Modere Cellproof Essentials. There is a mask (called Infusion), a facial serum, and a moisturizer. They all contain the "magic ingredient" found in Liquid Biocell, that can help repair cartilage, collagen and connective tissue. This means that these products will literally rehydrate your skin, and start to fill in wrinkles from the outside in (The Liquid Biocell does this from the inside out.) You can get more information about this by going to your Modere home page (if you already have an account with them) or using this link (to get $10 off your first order, and link your account to mine, so I can support you with it all):  https://www.modere.com/?referralCode=j181774
As many of you know, Modere is the company that carries Liquid Biocell, the product I have been on for NINE YEARS now, that has increased my life force and made me feel (and look) younger, more alive, and more flexible in my body. I swear by it. Using the Cellproof products along with the Liquid Biocell is the most incredible way to look and feel your best. Who doesn't want to look as beautiful (and youthful) as possible?  This line of products can absolutely help you in that way.  (Note: When you bundle the Modere Cellproof Essentials with your monthly Liquid Biocell on Smartship, you save $167 over buying the products separately!! They are giving an incredible discount, so you can buy both each month, and not just have to choose one over the other!)

Testimonial Corner
This is a client's experience of Liquid Biocell…  

LIquid-Biocell-Life-smallest 2

"TODAY is the first day I did yoga stretches and poses engaging my knees with ZERO ZIPPO ZILCH DISCOMFORT!  Not even a twinge.  Also opening and closing my hands with NO discomfort in the joints. Before Liquid Biocell, it felt like nails in my knuckles….What a relief. Thank you God. Thank you Phyllis. Thanks to Modere Liquid Biocell supplement!"   Regina O.

gal-doing-yoga-on-beach 2

Again, we don't carry this in our office. It is sold online only, and you need to use our code to set up your account if you haven't already done so. https://www.modere.com/?referralCode=j181774  This will both give you $10 off your first order, AND link you to us, so we can continue to support you with these products. If you have any questions about any Modere products or to see if they're right for you, you can reach me, Phyllis, directly at: gettingyounger@austin.rr.com . All other business questions go to our regular email address: phyllis@lighthealing.com.


New Website Coming….

This is big news… and has been in the making for YEARS actually.  We are hoping to go live on November 1st, or shortly thereafter. The new site will be more mobile friendly (Google will finally like us once again…) and hopefully, will work even better for you guys. I would love it if you could write in reviews for the various products and services we offer. On our current website, the "testimonials" are all grouped together, (e.g., under "my clearing work."). But on the new one, each item is broken down separately… and although we have been in business for over 30 years, many of the items have NO reviews under them :-(.  If you could correct this, we'd be forever grateful. I'm not asking you to make something up… just that if you have had a positive experience about "Mini-sessions," "Energetic Sessions," "Full-Session Minis," "The Energy Elevation Process," etc., by all means please submit your reviews. It would be great to have everything we offer have good reviews to share with new people who discover us over time! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT WITH THIS!!! It means a lot!!!


Personal and Picture Rejuvenizers on sale for the month of October
I know we haven't offered a sale for a while. It's really because we do our best to keep our prices as low as possible year-round.  But since it's been so intense out there, let's have a sale and perk up everyone's spirits :-).
We are offering 10% off all Personal and Picture Rejuvenizers for the month of October. You may want to do some early Christmas shopping!! The Picture Rejuvenizer is great when you want to help a friend or loved one who isn't really "into this kind of thing," but you know they are getting blasted by life-damaging frequencies 24/7 and could use the help badly. 
Just to remind you… all the electromagnetic fields and frequencies that saturate our air and bombard us mercilessly, day in and day out, affect people in these primary ways. They create:
1) depression (which I've seen lead to suicidal thoughts.. especially nowadays with all that's going on!)
2) irritability
3) stress
4) immune system problems
5) cardiovascular problems
6) and probably countless other physical problems due to their ongoing effect of weakening the etheric body, the subtle blueprint for our physical health.
If you know anyone who suffers from any of the above, you may want to educate them about the benefits of Rejuvenizers at this time. Maybe the "hardly-ever-happens sale" will motivate them at this time :-).  (Read more about Rejuvenizers on https://lighthealing.myshopify.com/collections/rejuvenizers)
Thank you all for your ongoing trust and support. We are here for you, and continue to do our best for you.
May we all reach "the top of the mountain" very soon!  Amen.
Love to all…..
Phyllis and Angela, at Light Unlimited