December 2010 Newsletter

December 01, 2010

Dear Subscribers,

I know many of you have been wondering where I have been. Some of you have been calling the office wondering whether you've been accidentally removed somehow from our mailing list. That's not the case. It's simply that I haven't written to you in a year, since Saturn and Pluto started squaring each other. It has been very tough energetically for me this year. Lots of inner challenges, lots of deep changes.. and I've been so busy taking care of my clients and my loved ones, that I haven't had any time or energy to communicate with all of you. Well.. I'm back!! Shew!!!

We still have many challenging energies we're all dealing with at this point, creating great tumult in the world, but along with this comes a great opportunity for inner healing and transformation. The change we want to see out there, in the world, has to start within each one of us. This is a time to "hunker down" and really clear ourselves to the depths, knowing that as we become more of who we truly are, deep within ourselves, we will be able to see a renewed version of our external life as well. As you change the inner, the outer will necessarily change. That's how transformation works. It all starts deep within our consciousness, then proceeds to manifest into our world.

This is a huge challenge that faces many people right now. It is SOO easy to buy into the fear that's out there in the collective. I actually jump in and clear this collective negativity periodically, as it can be so overwhelming for us all. Fear begets fear. The more you fear, the more you attract to you to justify your fear. Conversely, the more you trust, the more you attract to you to justify your trust. You truly create your reality with your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.

The majority of the world's population is unaware of this simple fact. They have no other choice but to feel victimized by all that's going on in the world. However, armed with this understanding, you don't have to create the same problems everyone else is creating. You can thrive and prosper, even when others are fearful and losing their jobs. Many people make good money during a recession, or even a depression. But you need to focus on trusting the universe to provide you with all that you need, rather than fearing that it won't.

It's important to honor the fact that you have fear. I'm not saying, "Don't look at your fears and pretend they are not there." Some schools of thought seem to promote such a philosophy, in the name of "what you focus on expands in your life." In truth, there is a middle ground between these two ideas.

Yes, you want to focus on the positive and not "feed" the negative. Feeding or reinforcing the negative does tend to bring more negative to you. However, if the negative keeps coming up, you can't just throw it under the rug and pretend it's not there. That big "pile of negativity under the rug" will start to trip you up at some point, if you don't take action and deal with it!

Anytime I notice a fear surfacing, I do a technique, something to help me change the energy and not continue to feed the fear.

I created several great techniques to help you in these kinds of situations. I have mentioned these before, but you can't have too many reminders!

1) DO TECHNIQUE: The Communications Breakthrough System.

This is a fabulous technique I created to help you work through negative emotions when they surface. You can use it on your own or work with a partner or friend to assist you. Both ways work equally well. As you work with the Communications Breakthrough System, you start to feel lighter and less encumbered by your negative thoughts and feelings. It has been a Godsend to many, to help them work through their challenges in relationships. By using this System, people have been able to keep their relationships intact, rather than have them be torn apart by the negative subconscious programming and energies of the two individuals involved.

2) DO TECHNIQUE: The "Advanced Subconscious Clearing" Technique ("A.S.C." and ye shall receive :-)
This is found on p. 27 of "Love Now, Here's How". It is a wonderful technique that I created to help people clear deep negativity as it surfaces. It takes a half a minute to do, and brings in my "Helpers" to give you a healing for a half an hour. You could do this on yourself 24/7, and keep getting a deep healing and clearing of your issues on a continual basis.

3) DO TECHNIQUE: The "Rapid Integration" Technique.

This is a technique found in the last part of Ch. 9 of "Prince Charming Lives (Princess Charming Does Too)". It also brings in my "Helpers" to work with you to clear your issues for a half hour at a time, and is also a valuable way to shift your attitude and feelings in any given moment.

All of these techniques help you to heal your issues. You may want to use them all, at different times, based on what feels best for you in the moment. But all of the techniques are like "lifesavers" that you can reach for whenever a challenge arises. Any time you feel negative, sad, angry, or distressed, you can reach for one of these "lifesavers" and they will help you to pull yourself out of the funk you're in.

They are all effective. You may need to do them repeatedly over a period of time, if the challenge you're facing is big. If it feels too overwhelming for you, you can also:

4) DO TECHNIQUE: Call for an extra mini-session, or even a private session.
Because of all my years at this, I am able to move out negative energy and programming from you in a "bigger and faster" way. However, the techniques are great to empower you to work on yourself, between sessions and mini-sessions. So, whatever you choose to do to help yourself is a good thing! The important thing is to do something, to help you shift to a more positive feeling and optimistic attitude.

We offer this every year... extra energetic support to help you spend more quality time with your family and loved ones. Holiday times are often stressful, although they "should" be a time of great love and peace. Our families of origin are often are a source of contention for us, although we love them for being our family. After all, much of our negative programming (this life anyway) came from them, so when we are around them, all kinds of old patterns and programs get triggered.

Rather than blow up and create more trauma, or have to suppress your negativity and hurt yourself, we offer the Holiday Clearing... continuous clearing, for a particular period of time, during the Holiday season. This means that I and my "Helpers" will be available to you, throughout the day (for whichever days you select), continuously giving you the clearing you need. It would be like getting numerous mini-sessions or parts of mini-sessions throughout the day. It's a wonderful way to ensure the most positive experiences with your family and loved ones during this time.

Some have even signed up their "Uncle Pete" or "Aunt Harriet" with whom they may have had a lot of clashes in the past. Of course we make sure it's for their Highest Good, but it can wind up helping everyone in the family. The normal charge for this continuous clearing is $45 a day, however, we offer it for $15 a day (with a three-day minimum) throughout the holiday season. Call our office or sign up online now, and request the continuous holiday clearing service. (Your clearing will begin when you call or email us, even if we seem to be out of the office. We'll work out payment later, after the fact.)

TESTIMONIAL CORNER: Energy Elevation Process
1) About my "Energy Elevation Process" done on a boy's wrestling team for their tournament

"Just wanted to update you on Drake's wrestling tournament... He placed 2nd in State in his weight division and the team of seven placed 2nd in State...that was incredible... All of our boys on the team except one, including Drake, took 2nd place in their individual weight bracket. It was almost a miracle that our small team was able to place so high with only seven boys; almost unheard of... it took many by surprise! I for one would like to thank you for your clearing sessions for the team and for Drake; I believe it was a huge asset to them..."

--Drake's Mom

TESTIMONIAL CORNER: From a healing at one of my EXPO lectures:

"I have a constant neck pain where my stress is stored. Massage and exercise help, but never make the pain go away for more than a few hours. After your mini-healing at your lecture, not only did I feel completely at peace, but my neck was pain-free.. and it still is. Thank you for that!"

--Chicago Expo participant

1) GREAT SALE ON SILICA 30% off each bottle.
 We carry bottles of liquid silica. Everyone I tune into seems to be deficient in silica. I don't know why. Silica is essential for healthy joints, skin, bones, teeth and gums, and hair. Some symptoms of deficiency are: brittle nails, loss of hair, poor skin quality, Osteoporosis, Arthritis and stomach ailments. This is a great product and everyone seems to be deficient! The liquid is odor-free, taste-free, easily absorbed, and 100% Vegan. Please contact our office if you are interested in taking advantage of this. 512-301-2999 or

P.S. For those of you who are taking Jusuru Life Blend juice, after a month, you won't need the Silica anymore :-) Feel free to contact me about the Jusuru juice or for more information, see my customized website.

Visit my customized website for Jusuru Life Blend

SUPPLEMENT CORNER: Major Need For Magnesium
I have been noticing, in the past year, with all the heavy astrology energies we have all had to deal with, that stress is on the rise. We are seeing that manifest on the outer planes through challenges with the economy. Stress means that people are having a harder time than usual. Stress means that people are "frying their nervous systems" more, through increased anxieties and worries. As a result, there is one supplement that everyone seems to be sorely lacking: MAGNESIUM.

Magnesium helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps the heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong. Magnesium also helps regulate blood sugar levels and promotes normal blood pressure. Magnesium keeps our nerves from getting frayed, and thus is helpful in preventing and managing disorders such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. A lack of magnesium could create a restless night's sleep and muscle cramps in the legs or other parts of the body. [For more info on magnesium: ]

When I tune into people to check their levels of magnesium, nearly everyone seems to need it badly. Although we should have a balance of calcium and magnesium in our bodies (for most, it's a "two-to-one" ratio), most people seem to have enough calcium or need it somewhat, but are "off the charts" in terms of needing magnesium.

I used to get headaches regularly many years ago.. until a wise chiropractor/psychic friend commented that I burned calcium, magnesium, and B vitamins faster than anyone he had seen. Once I got myself regulated with these three supplements, headaches became a thing of the past. All three of these help with headaches and other nervous system problems, and all are important to maintain good health and help us through stressful times.

We carry a good magnesium product in our office. We also carry a good B-complex. You can also shop at your local health food store. I just can't guarantee the freshness of the product, which is sometimes problematic.

I'd be happy to help you with getting the right calcium for your body and the right dosages, so you get the right amounts of calcium and magnesium in your diet. For women who are in pre or post menopause or men over 55, we have a supplement called Osteoforce, that has been scientifically shown to build bone. Unlike the medications that one is often prescribed to make bones strong (but actually makes them brittle), Osteoforce naturally builds bone, through a particular combination of natural ingredients. Call the office and we can get you on a good "anti-stress" program for your body!


1) Poo-Pourri
This is SOOO cool. I haven't even had time to post it to our website yet. We just started carrying this. It's a natural, lovely-scented spray (called "Heaven Scent") that you spray into the toilet bowl before you go, and it forms a lovely scented covering over the water, and keeps the other odors from entering the air. In other words, it's like air-freshener, but instead of spraying the air to cover the smell, this "seals in" the smell and keeps the air fresher. It's a delightful product that we've really enjoyed using, "Poo-pourri" being a word play on the French word "Pot-pourri," which is a way of getting pleasant odors into the air.

This smells really good, and is environmentally friendly, made of essential oils. It is safe for the planet and safe for your septic. They say, "Spritz the Bowl Before You Go and No One Will Ever Know". It's very clever, and very effective.

There is a small bottle and a large one. The small is $9.95 and the large is $15.95. Please call or email us to order this, since it's not yet posted on our site. (512-301-2999 or

2) Any of our books!
They all would make a lovely gift... from "Basic Truths About the Nature of Life"... to those that can help you in relationships: "Prince Charming Lives (Princess Charming Does Too)/ Finding the Love of your Life" and "Love Now, Here's How."

3) Cell Phone Rejuvenizer
Help protect your loved ones from the detrimental frequencies coming off their beloved cell phone. You'll be helping them live a longer, healthier life!

4) NEW: Cubicle Rejuvenizer
People have been asking me for this one for YEARS!! I finally got it together :-) This one is designed for when you work in a cubicle, not in your own separate office. If you had your own office, you could easily put a set of Indoor Rejuvenizers in the four corners and a Circuit Rejuvenizer on an outlet plate. When you work in a cubicle, you can't really put Rejuvenizers around it.

So, at last, I designed ONE PIECE that you can put in your drawer (I understand co-workers are known to take stuff from your desktop... so in a drawer would probably be the best place for it.) You can always leave it out as a conversation piece (or because it's pretty to look at) but put it in a drawer when you are away from your desk for safekeeping. The Cubicle Rejuvenizer is designed to take the place of both the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers, to keep a "bubble of protection" around your workspace, including neutralizing the EMFs from your computer and any florescent lights that may be above your space. It also will raise the "Life Energy Level" of your workspace, so working in that environment will be a lot more pleasurable. (Call or email us for this, as we have not yet posted it on our site)

5) Any Other Rejuvenizer
Any of the other Rejuvenizers would make great gifts, depending on how much you want to spend. When you want to help someone maximally, certainly a Personal Rejuvenizer would be fabulous (we now have 14 colors!)

A little less would be a Picture Rejuvenizer, which would still protect your loved one, but they would need to understand the concept of putting it on their photograph, and updating the photo every 2.5 years (unless you decide to do that for them).

The Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers would help the energy your loved ones' home to be more harmonious, peaceful and life-supporting. If they have wireless internet, you can be sure that the Life Energy Level in their home is close to nil... yep, almost dead. So the gift of a set of Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers would be wonderful. I've had people say that they stopped fighting with each other once they installed the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers and created a "stress-free environment" in their home!

We, at Light Unlimited, wish you the best this holiday season. May Peace and Joy fill your hearts and uplift your souls! Phyllis and Angela 512-301-2999

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