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December 01, 2011

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I used to get major pains in my head twenty years ago, from the overhead satellite, microwave, TV, and radio frequencies broadcast throughout the air. Once I created my Rejuvenizer technology, all pains subsided. And that was BEFORE cell phones, HD TVs, WiFi, GPS, and G4 (WiMax) networks. For many years now, I've been shaking my head, wondering, "How are people making it these days, being barraged by so many frequencies 24/7?" (about "300,000 a minute" to date) I truly can't imagine.

So, for the past twenty years, I have worked diligently to upgrade my Rejuvenizers, to protect people from all the new frequencies that are continually being introduced into our world. When I first learned of the new "full-body scanners" at airports, I made sure to upgrade my Rejuvenizers to protect from the negative frequencies that hit unsuspecting travelers en route to their respective destinations. Truth be known, I also did my best to avoid walking through them.

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Rejuvenizers to Help You with Traveling

1) Personal Rejuvenizer

The most important Rejuvenizer, this one will protect, repair and normalize your body from the myriad of detrimental energies found at airports, from the security gates, the full-body scanners, the cell phone and WiFi frequencies filling the air, the EMFs filling the planes, the overhead satellites and security systems, your photograph getting X-rayed (remember, your photo contains your life force!) and even the viruses and bacteria that crowds of people tend to spread. You really don't want to leave home without this Rejuvenizer!

$169 for Pendants
$179 for Rings
$139 for Photos

2) Travel Rejuvenizer

This Rejuvenizer will do for the plane what the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers do for your home: They create a "stress-free environment," which will make the plane ride much more harmonious and enjoyable... and a lot less stressful! When you have hundreds of people all being bombarded by frequencies in a small space, tension runs high. By negating all the disruptive frequencies within the airplane, EVERYONE will function better, from the pilots and flight attendants to all the passengers.

Energy is real. By drastically reducing the negative energy on the plane, the effects, although subtle, will be felt by all-particularly if you are on one of those planes that have a small TV screen in front of each passenger's seat. In addition, there are special functions to support the pilots in being maximally aware and awake, which can only help ensure the safety of your trip!


3) Luggage Rejuvenizers

Designed to protect the contents of your luggage from airport scanners, the Luggage Rejuvenizers will also keep your supplements, makeup, and food free from degradation by the damaging scanner frequencies.

In addition, the various radiating devices also allow negative energies to get into and remain within your suitcase and its contents. The Luggage Rejuvenizer will protect from this effect.

Finally, some people are particularly aware of the energy left by the authorities who search through your suitcase at the airport. The Luggage Rejuvenizer is designed to clear all such energy, leaving your clothes and belongings with your energy alone.

[P.S. The Luggage Rejuvenizer can be placed within a pouch and put into your grocery bag at the supermarket. It will normalize (within ten minutes) all your purchases in that bag from the negative energy they picked up and the lowered life force that happened when each item was scanned.]
($35 each or 4 or more $25 each)

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We are offering a sale on all of our "personal growth and healing" products this holiday season. The sale begins now and will extend to the end of the year, December 31, 2011. Even if you purchase an item on "lay-away" during this time, we will still honor the sale price.

All orders received by Sunday, December 18, 2011 will be delivered by Christmas via Fed-Ex Shipping. (After that time, we cannot guarantee delivery by Xmas.)

Call our office to get the sale price! 512-301-2999


We continue to be under the throes of some very powerful, global energies for deep change and transformation. We are all being "forced" to change at some deep level of our being, whether we are aware of this or not. Many of you can feel this change upon you-either from the inside, or by seeing massive changes in your external world.

When you are not in touch with what's going on within yourself, then you are bound to see some major changes going on AROUND you. Great change is upon us all. It could translate into: loss of a job, a loved one, a relationship partner, a home. Sometimes "perceived loss" precedes such changes. We will lose what is no longer "right" for us, in order to make room for something new and better. For the "Phoenix to rise from the ashes," it first has to "crash and burn."
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This is our "holiday gift" to you... extra energetic support during the holiday season-to help you maximally enjoy being with your family and loved ones. Although ideally a time of "peace and good will," the holiday season can be quite stressful.

Most of us are on a path of "clearing our negative programming" and developing ourselves spiritually. As a result, we (unconsciously) invite in all people and circumstances to help us in this goal. Since our family of origin was the first place (this lifetime) where we were "programmed" to be the way we are, many of us have deep issues which get triggered when we're around our family for an extended period of time.
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The Personal Rejuvenizer®

"Thank you so much for the Personal Rejuvenizer. I never imagined that EMFs were affecting me as strongly as they apparently were, nor would I have envisioned that the Personal Rejuvenizer would have such a powerful and uplifting effect.

After the New Life Expo, I only wore it sporadically the first few days, not sure what to expect. On Thursday of last week, I wore it the whole day and was amazed that I was still feeling energized as late as 12 o'clock at night. Since that time, I have been wearing the pendant every day, and I feel that my energy and ability to focus and be productive has increased significantly!"

G.S., New York City, counselor and healer


1) Living Clay
Living Clay® is an all natural calcium dominant Bentonite clay with Montmorillonite properties from the Smectite family of clays. Unlike other clays, Smectites are regarded for their exceptionally superior ability to both absorb and adsorb. Characterized by its expandable properties, Living Clay® is considered a green swelling clay recognized for its effectiveness in drawing out impurities and toxins.
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2) Radiation Homeopathic Formula
EMF & EMR (Electromagnetic Fields and Electromagnetic Radiation)
Nuclear Radiation
X-rays: mammograms, dental, chiropractic, any x-rays


3) Poo~Pourri

A bathroom natural air freshener and spray deodorizer that eliminates bathroom odors-it is forever changing the bathroom experience!

"HeavenScent" -Celestial Freshness that's Fit for Kings... With Every Flush an Angel Gets Its Wings! A divine blend of White Jasmine florals and Natural Essential Oils. You Can Truly "Expect Miracles" in your Bathroom!

Poo-Pourri - 2oz $9.95
Poo-Pourri - 4 oz $14.95

We, at Light Unlimited, wish you the best this holiday season.
May Peace and Joy fill your hearts and uplift your souls!

Phyllis and Angela


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