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December 01, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Here is our Holiday Newsletter... with interesting "tuning in" information, services we're offering, and special seasonal sales.  Since drinking often accompanies our holiday get-togethers, I decided to tune in and get information about how drinking affects us energetically and spiritually—great information, for you or your loved ones! _________________________________________________________________________________

How Drinking Affects Us Energetically and Spiritually

drunk man
"Tis the season to be jolly… and as a result, most people dive into alcohol for "added enjoyment." But is it really enjoyment?… or is it some kind of escape? People may think they enjoy drinking; however, in my research, there is quite a downside for those of us who are committed to becoming who we really are, as powerful spiritual Beings of Light.

As many of you know, my "telepathic gifts" allow me to tune into a "Higher source" of information and get answers to my questions. I recently did research on what happens to people energetically and spiritually when they drink, and I wanted to share that with you.

1. After a "certain amount" of drinking alcohol (3-6 ounces), the crown (spiritual) chakra starts spinning backwards. Thus, drinking alcohol sabotages the process of increasing one's spiritual awareness.

2. There are 5 energetic "channels" that connect us to our Higher Self. After 3-6 ounces of alcohol, these channels get "weakened" and the energy passing through them gets weaker, thus diminishing one's ability to be connected to one's Higher Self.

3. When one drinks a lot (close to double the amount above), the subtle pituitary gland (this is, the energetic blueprint of the physical pituitary gland, located around the 3rd eye chakra), sort of "explodes." It's like it can't handle the energy coming in and it "goes nuts"... which then impacts the physical pituitary gland, the "master gland," that runs the entire hormonal system and is extremely important for all aspects of good health.

4. With alcohol consumption, there comes a "death" of the part of our subtle brain that is aware of our connection to God.  So, the more you drink, the more you may need to drink, because you would keep getting more and more disconnected from God, and thus more prone to wanting to "escape" that reality!  I asked, "Are the negative effects of this cumulative, or do we 'reconnect to God' shortly after the alcohol wears off?"

Answer: If a person waited 2 weeks after drinking this amount (3-6 ounces), any damage that had occurred would be automatically repaired... but if a person keeps drinking during this period of time, even if it is less than that amount, it would be harder for complete healing and "reconnection" to take place.

For your information, I have added numerous protective functions to the Personal Rejuvenizer to help with all the above, but still, choosing to drink is like "asking for trouble" in that when you drink, the alcohol still opens weird energetic portals (that's why people get all weird), and all kinds of negative energies can come through and gloom onto you and merge with parts of you.

Also, when you drink, your energy field can "pop open" and allow "discarnate entities" to get into you and start residing within you.  You would have no clue that this happened, except your personality could start to take on unpleasant characteristics—where you're angrier, meaner, or more irritable for no apparent reason.  These discarnate entities hang out around bars, and when people get really drunk, their energy field often pops open, and these "souls without bodies" jump in and take up residence within the person.  Not a pretty picture!!  

So, ultimately, it becomes a choice:  Do I really want to develop myself and my spiritual gifts fully and do all that I came here to do this lifetime? Or, do I just want to "have a great time, go along with my friends, get smashed, diminish my spiritual awareness, and who cares what tomorrow may bring?"

From a spiritual point of view, the purpose of life is the development of one's consciousness. We are all here to grow and evolve, whether we realize that or not. It seems apparent that drinking alcohol-especially more than 3 ounces at a time-is fundamentally self-defeating and limits the development of your spiritual potential.

This isn't about judging you or making you wrong for the choices you make. Ultimately the most important thing is that you love yourself where you are. The more you do this, the easier it will become to make choices that truly support your physical health and spiritual well-being.


No more stress
Although everyone wishes each other peace, love, and joy during the holiday season, there also seems to be an abundance of stress this time of year. You may worry about what to get your loved ones for Christmas, or about having enough money to pay for their gifts. Or, you may feel anxious about having enough time to get everything done to prepare for the holidays. Then you have to deal with all your well-meaning family members and in-laws with whom you may have had issues for many years. We could all use help during the holidays to deal with stress!
There are two great ways to deal with this "holiday stress."
holiday stress
 1) Our "Holiday Clearing" Program (Get More Clearing for Less!)
Most of you know that whenever you feel upset or out of sorts, you can call the mini-session hot-line and request additional clearing that will continue for up to three weeks. People who call in for "minis" often feel better shortly after making the call. However, when your subconscious programming gets triggered over and over-from your mother criticizing your appearance, to your sister being her obnoxious cynical self, to your other relatives bugging you because you're still single, and so on and so forth... you may find yourself needing numerous mini-sessions, or what we call "continuous clearing" throughout the holidays.
You will receive "continuous clearing" on the days that you specify, every time someone does something to trigger a negative reaction in you. This could happen five, ten, fifteen or more times in a single afternoon. Instead of just issuing one mini-session, which covers the issues up until the time you call in with your request, you will get continuous clearing throughout the day, which is like getting multiple mini-sessions. The charge for this program is only $15 per day (with a three-day minimum).
Essentially you will enjoy your holiday much more since your negativity will keep getting cleared, and you will also experience tremendous growth as you lighten your subconscious load… a true "win/win" for all concerned. Call us to request your holiday clearing: 512-301-2999 or sign up online. (Click here)
2) Specific Nutritional Support
We carry two particular supplements that are quite helpful in dealing with stress at a deep level: Sterol-Max and Plant Enzymes.
a) Sterol-Max 
Sterol-Max bottle
This product is an "adaptogen" par excellence. An adaptogen increases one's ability to adapt to environmental stressors, both physiological, such as injury or aging, and psychological, such as anxiety or fear. Sterol-Max helps to regulate the pituitary gland, which helps the body better manage high stress levels.
During periods of high stress, we go into a "fight or flight" mode, our cortisol (stress hormone) levels get elevated, and this messes with our blood sugar levels. Our body starts storing fat where we don't need or want it!
As an adaptogen, Sterol-Max will help to normalize and regulate the pituitary gland, and support the body in maintaining better blood sugar levels, while reducing stress and the tendency to store extra body fat. Sterol-Max is also important for its ability to normalize our cholesterol levels.
b) Plant Enzymes
Plant Enzymes bottle
After puberty, and as we age, we lose the ability to make enzymes to effectively break down the food we eat. Without sufficient enzymes, we often feel tired and sluggish after eating a big meal. In addition, when we get stressed, our body's ability to break down fat is reduced. When we consume a lot of refined sugars, as we often do during the holiday season, they break down protein in the body, hampering the body from effectively burning fat.
The Plant Enzymes help us break down and metabolize sugars in order to help us burn fat more effectively. They also give us the enzymes we need so that we do not have to "fall asleep" after a meal, while our body is working to digest our food. When taken in between meals, they actually help clear the undigested food that contributes to plaque formation. Essentially, these enzymes help clean our blood and improve our health at a deep level.
The body has a finite amount of enzymes it is capable of producing over a lifetime, and when we are out of enzymes, we are literally "out" of life. With regular usage, these Plant Enzymes can help us to feel more alive, as well as extend our life. The Plant Enzymes and the Sterol Max are two of the most valuable supplements we carry!

HOLIDAY GIFT SALE… through January 15, 2013
Holiday Gifts

1) All Books, CDs, and the Communications Breakthrough System: 15% off (take 15% off of price on website)
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2) All Red and Green Personal Rejuvenizers*: 15% off (now: $143.65)
Red and Green Christmas Tree Ornaments

Give the health-giving gift of a Personal Rejuvenizer. Protect your loved ones from the detrimental electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that hit them all the time, when they talk on their cell phones, use their computers, and watch their HD TVs. Help protect them from all sorts of negative energies hitting them constantly in life! Bring greater peace and happiness to those you truly care about!
[This would apply to our Red Passion and Shimmering Mint Rejuvenizers only.(*No exchanges for different colors.)]

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Create greater peace and harmony in your home, or the home of a loved one with the Indoor & Circuit Rejuvenizers. They put a "protective bubble" over your space, negating the life-damaging frequencies from TV and radio transmissions, overhead satellites, cell phone and microwave towers, your computer, and your (or your neighbor's) WiFi networks. This is a gift that will greatly help everyone living in or visiting that space!

4) Cell Phone Rejuvenizers: 15% off (now $21.25)
cell phone rejuvenizer
 Although this Rejuvenizer doesn't include protection from ALL the damaging frequencies in our world today, it will certainly help your loved ones be protected from the detrimental energy emitted by their cell phones or laptops. This can make a huge difference in their health over time by removing this "toxic energy" from their body and energy field.  A huge help for a small fee!

Christmas candles
    Happy Holidays to You All!!!
    Phyllis & Angela
    at Light Unlimited 

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