Fall Newsletter 2017

October 31, 2017


I do my best to "stay on top of" what's going on planetary-wise, and I have a few thoughts I want to share with you.  I'm sure you remember how much I talked about the period from May, 2012 to December, 2015 and how much deep spiritual transformation took place at that time. I had thought that once it was over, we would all get to experience a new world, our new Selves, and a more spiritual perspective on life.  This is still true, but the timing of it all seems to be somewhat of a mystery.
Remember, in Truth, all of life manifests from the spiritual. Spiritual energy drops into the physical, passing through the mental and emotional realms, in order to create matter. Individually speaking, energy comes from our consciousness, drops into the mental realm as a thought, the emotional realm as a feeling, and with ample focus, manifests in our physical world… either around us or within our physical bodies. All change in the physical comes from the spiritual first. It is a "metaphysical law of the universe."
So, in the time frame I mentioned above, we had at least three years of "rip-roaring," unbelievably profound, deeper-than-deep spiritual change-within each and every one of us, and within society collectively. In other words, our fundamental spiritual ground-of-being got totally re-wired and transformed, at levels that were truly out of our awareness. When we came out of that period, we had absolutely no clue who the "new us" was. It had to unfold over time.
In other words, we have already shifted spiritually, at the deepest levels of our being. Now, anything within us that is NOT aligned with our Higher Spiritual Self—all thoughts, feelings and subconscious programs of limitation, doubt, scarcity, fear, insecurity, worry, powerlessness, feeling like a victim, and feeling out of control—are coming up for "review and healing." So, we are all still integrating the changes that took place deep within us from May, 2012 to December, 2015 and "re-organizing our world," based on those Higher energies. It came to me last night that we are only 19-20% done with the process of integrating all the deep changes into our life, both individually and collectively. That is, we have only re-organized ourselves and the physical expression of that into our lives 19-20% so far. You can see there is a lot left to this process!
So basically all bets are off in terms of how long it will take to all shake out!! Long-term, we are bound to experience increased Higher consciousness, greater awareness, more compassion toward others, and all the other qualities of the Higher Self—unconditional love, forgiveness, and peace. Many people actually have talked about this after the various recent disasters. Hurricane Harvey left an unbelievable wake of destruction in its path, but many jumped in to help save lives, regardless of age, race, or religion. It was humanity rising to a higher place to help their fellow humans. This is all part of the "re-organizing of humankind," based on the spiritual transformation we have all undergone. We're just not done.
Bottom-line, I would say, buckle your seat belt, keep breathing to calm yourself, and know that you're in for a mighty long and interesting ride. And, as a result, we are all growing and evolving considerably, which is apparently what the universe and our Higher Selves are wanting for us at this time. Do your best not to take things so seriously, as everything is in flux now, moving towards a Higher expression of Love and Light.

The Energetic Consequences of Blame on Your Relationships

For many years I have taught, "Blame takes you away from the Truth. As long as you're stuck in blame, you'll never be able to get the healing from whatever negative situation you are in." However, I just learned something new, based on a recent session with one of my clients. I am always looking to best serve my clients in growing spiritually and freeing themselves of the negativity and karmic burdens they carry. As a result, I am always getting new information and insights that often surprise and amaze me. Today I got one of those. 
First, we need to examine the act of blaming. Whenever you blame, you are not taking responsibility for whatever is going on inside you. You are "pointing the finger" out there, at someone or something outside yourself, making it or them the cause of your unhappiness. When you do this, you are not looking inside to see why you attracted this or why you are feeling this way, and therefore, you are not finding the key to whatever attracted the situation to you in the first place. We are always attracting circumstances to us based on the energy and programming within us, so when we blame others, we miss the opportunity to look inside and get the lesson the situation is trying to teach us. 
For many years, I have been poignantly aware of the need to look within when something "out there" felt bad or hurtful. So, whenever I would get "beaten up" by negative energies in people I'd meet, by something "dark" my clients had picked up eons ago, or by some snarly person in the grocery line who decided to pick on me (and all this has happened A LOT), I would ALWAYS go into a clearing mode… what, IN ME, attracted this behavior in these people? What, IN ME, "inspired" them to lash out at me, dump negativity on me, or hurt me energetically in some way? 
I always looked within to figure out why I was attracting the circumstance. And this gave me tons of much-needed clearing over time!! If I had just blamed all those people, I never would have gotten the clearing, and I never would have freed myself from the patterns I had had within me from MANY lifetimes ago. In fact, I can actually be grateful for all those experiences, for allowing me to grow and evolve in the ways I have, based on all the clearing I did on myself. I couldn't have done it without them!!! :-)
However, when you play the "blame game," there is something else that can happen at deep levels, which I learned today. Your underlying energy can go out from you and "zap" the other person for "doing it to you." And this negativity accumulates over time as you continue to do this, filling the energy field of your relationship with unwanted negativity, and creating numerous "energetic torques" in it which need to be unwound. And, over time, that "joint energy field" starts spinning backwards (in a counterclockwise direction), making your interactions with that person feel stressful and unpleasant (which then inspires you to "blame" further… and thus, you are "get to be right" about your negative thoughts and feelings towards them.)
My client today had major issues with both his partner, and his business. What I saw was that the joint energy field that he shared with each of them was spinning backwards, and needed to be unwound MILLIONS of times. In other words, he had dumped soooo much blame energy into his relationship with his partner, that it was indicating an unbelievable amount of stress and negativity.. and similarly with the business.  Whereas I usually do "energetic unwindings" on people (stress causes your energy field to torque and get wound up)… this was the first time I was made aware that this can happen to a joint energy field, that is, of a relationship… either person to person, or person to business. I was really blown away.  
I mean, when my client said that even with clearing, his relationship with his partner didn't seem any better, I realized how significant this find was. Who would have thought that their collective energy field was filled with negativity, spinning backwards, and badly torqued, needing "millions of unwindings"?  It was like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!! I mean, I've seen people's energy fields get wound up and need "thousands of unwindings."  But millions?  It was unfathomable!!.. and it all came from the underlying blame energy constantly directed at my client's partner and his business for many years.
Even just holding onto negative thoughts and feelings about someone or something can create this effect on your joint relationship. Some of you might have this about going to work… or doing particular chores around the house. Notice wherever you have ongoing negativity toward someone or something, and you'll find a "relationship" that needs to be cleaned up. When you do the intense "blame and zapping" thing (not everyone does this, but many do), you are creating a pretty "hellish" reality for yourself, alienating yourself from others, and creating ever-increasing negativity in all your relationships over time. 
First and foremost, we would need to work on the patterns that make you do this… and then clear the negativity out of the collective energy field, do however many unwindings needed to normalize it, and get it spinning in the right directionall bringing in more positivity and harmony to the relationship. Wow, huh?!! This was a huge find!

Living Clean… Protecting Ourselves and the Planet

I have done my best to buy non-toxic products for years now. It seemed like a no-brainer. Toxins didn't seem like a good thing to ingest or put on my body. However, I recently learned something mind-boggling that I wanted to share with you all.
In the past 25 years, Europe has banned over 1300 toxic ingredients from being used in their products. These are ingredients known to be carcinogenic, mutagenic (they mutate the genes), and reproductively disruptive. It is illegal to put these ingredients into any product that a European would ingest or put on topically. In the U.S., however, over the same period of time, they have banned only 11 of these ingredients. Yes, that's right… ELEVEN. Recently in the U.S., triclosan, an anti-bacterial and known carcinogen found in hand soaps, mouth wash, and toothpaste, was banned from hand soaps. However, it is still found in toothpaste and mouthwash. We love our chemicals in this country.
I do believe that the U.S. is the only country that allows their animals to be "beefed up artificially" by steroids and other hormones and drugs. Other countries apparently put the health of their citizens as top priority, and keep these toxic substances out of the food chain. Ingesting toxins or putting them on your body accelerates aging, creates illness, and promotes excessive weight gain, as the cells, in their wisdom, try to wall off the toxins to reduce their harm to the rest of the body.
I have recently found a company, Modere, that creates all their products to the European standard. Their motto is "Live Clean," and they have formulated over 80 products that people use daily in their homes... from hand soap to laundry detergent, to skin care products and nutritional supplements. I have checked into them and find no downside, that is, nothing in them that tests as "bad" for people. So I have confirmed their "non-toxic" status.
Many of you already have an account with Modere now, since you are on Liquid Biocell, the liquid nutriceutical that regrows cartilage, collagen and connective tissue, and "turns back the aging clock." If you have an account with Modere, you can go there and see if there are other non-toxic products you might be interested in. They basically have an online shopping mall, where you can shop and have things shipped to you for free, with a minimum order of $50 (after your first order, which is $75). 
I have been happily using their toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, laundry detergent, dish detergent, multi-purpose cleaning wipes, M3 Weight Loss Program, Trim (helps reduce stored fat and keeps additional fat from getting stored), and of course the Liquid Biocell, and TRIA (I wrote about that recently… the Energy Drink that is all natural, and gives you a pleasant lift via natural caffeine from the guarana seed, along with specific nutrients to create physical energy and mental focus (love the stuff!!!).. oh, and the Mineral Supplement (which I had written about and recommend for everyone, since we don't seem to get enough trace minerals from the food we eat.)
One cool thing about "shopping Modere" is that they give extra perks to their customers that you might appreciate: a birthday discount coupon, reward points for shopping there, special flash sales with great discounts on products, and there is a "share the love" program as well. That is, if you turn your friends onto going "non-toxic" with Modere (in the name of helping them create better health and a cleaner environment), Modere will reward you by giving you "live clean credits." If you wind up turning several people onto Modere products, you could get your own order free or greatly discounted. It's a win/win. (If you are interested in this, shoot me an email, and I can let you know more about it. It's also on the top page of the site, once you have an account under - "Share Modere with a friend.*) You don't have to do this by any means.. just letting you know of the possibilities for both helping your friends and reducing your monthly bill for products consumed.
For those who haven't yet tried Liquid Biocell, you can check out Modere's products by using this link (which will also give you a $10 discount on your first order): https://www.modere.com/?referralCode=j181774
If you are already on Liquid Biocell, you can go to: www.modere.com and login using your email address and password. If you get stuck or can't remember your password, you can always call them at: 877-663-3731.
Happy, Healthy Shopping :-)

Testimonial Corner
"I just wanted to let you know what a tremendous difference the Personal Rejuvenizer has made in my life.  I was having a lot of problems with my health and I was experiencing a lot of problems. It took a few weeks before I really noticed any major differences. One of the first differences I noticed was I wasn't worried about problems anymore. I felt more confident and optimistic. My worries had been replaced with a sense that everything is going to turn out fine. After a visit to a doctor, I discovered that my cholesterol and triglycerides were way out of control. Within 30 days, I was able to bring my levels within normal limits and didn't have to go on a cholesterol-lowering drug. I haven't been sick since I have been wearing my Rejuvenizer.  The Rejuvenizer is the best investment I have ever made."  
D.H., Raleigh, N.C.

For years I have been buying fabric softener from a well-known, national health food store. And I have had countless containers of it that went bad after a period of time. They would all become too thick to pour, all coagulated, and smelled bad. Essentially I had to keep throwing them away, even when the container was more than half-full. I never even thought about getting another kind, even though mine kept going belly-up. The supermarket fabric softener just wasn't an option for me. Well, I tried the Modere fabric softener, and it has continued to pour easily, and it's stayed "thin" and good-smelling, unlike the others I had been using (since time immemorial!). Just wanted to share that, in case any of you are in the same boat.
https://www.modere.com/?referralCode=j181774  (This is a $10-off discount if you're new to Modere. The product only costs $9.99, so essentially, you can try it for free!!!) (as I mentioned above, free shipping with first order of at least $75, and subsequent orders of at least $50, just so you understand what the offer entails.)


FOR LOCAL PEOPLE IN THE AUSTIN AREA, MARK YOUR CALENDARS… "Living Safely & Spiritually in a High-Tech World"
It came to me that it is time for people in town to know more about Rejuvenizers, so I found a wonderful place to give a talk about them… next door to the People's Pharmacy, on S. Lamar.  I am in the process of setting up the event for Friday, November 17th, at 7 pm. If you love your Rejuvenizer, and would like to support this event, it would be wonderful if you could come.  It would also be a great opportunity to bring (or tell) friends and loved ones, so they too can hear about the incredible benefits the Rejuvenizers bring. The space holds 40 people. I would love a full house :-) Everyone needs Rejuvenizers badly… it's time for people to hear about them!!!  I will send out one more reminder before the event, with final details. Many thanks in advance to all of you who choose to support or participate in the event in some way. Please email the office to RSVP if you are planning to attend, and let us know if you intend to bring anyone, since space is limited.



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