February 2007 Newsletter

February 01, 2007

Increase in Frequencies ... 
Decrease in Lifeforce

As you all know, I work very hard to keep up with current changes in technology and how they impact our health and well-being. I am able to help you all, on an ongoing basis, through the Rejuvenizers. I continually add new healing and protective functions to all the Rejuvenizer products as they are needed. 

For a number of months, the Rejuvenizers have had specific functions to overcome the detrimental frequencies from WiFi (wireless internet), current cell phone technology (which sends stronger frequencies to give each person better reception), and the latest broadcasts via satellite (from GPS systems and some in the name of "keeping our country safe.") However, it has just come to my attention that for the past five weeks, a new phenomenon has occurred. The combination of all the above frequencies is creating further damage to our energy field and physical body, and I need to do MAJOR upgrades to all the Rejuvenizers to deal with the combination of all the different frequencies hitting us simultaneously.

How this increase in frequencies has been affecting us for the past five weeks:

These frequencies have been making people increasingly more lethargic and less motivated to accomplish their goals or tasks at hand. At a very deep level, these constant negative bombardments upon us have been bringing up our "death programming" and subconciously, people are feeling, "Why bother being here in life?" and "I don't have the motivation or life force to take action, what good is it to be here?" 

The Highest Truth: this is a growth opportunity. For me personally, I have been madly clearing such "death stuff" (as I call it) from myself and from many of my clients. Remember that no matter what is going on "out there," we always need to take responsibility and deal with our experience of it all. Doing extra clearing at this time to handle this deep level of subconscious negativity is certainly recommended. Fortunately, I was made aware of the need to upgrade the Rejuvenizers, so help is on the way for us all!

WiMAX is coming to America

More sad news in the frequency department (I'm sad for all those people who don't have Rejuvenizers and are vulnerable to all these negative energies.) There is a powerful new wireless internet system called, "WiMAX." It was first implemented in the Swedish town of Gotene with disastrous results. In a recent internet article entitled, "Swedish Town Blighted by WiMAX" they reported that "within hours of the WiMAX base-station being activated, local hospital emergency services received calls from residents with complaints, ranging from sharp headaches and difficulty breathing, blurry vision, and, according to a report, two cases of heart arrhythmia. The sufferers' symptoms are said to have subsided after they moved away from the base-station." According to the article, "Coverage of the incident on Sweden's STV Debatt apparently caused questions to be raised about WiMAX, leading to calls that Swedish government to close down the nation's WiMAX networks." 

In the USA, they are now setting up WiMAX networks in Chicago and Washington, D.C., and the plan is to set them up nationwide over time. Despite the fact that the Swedes realized that there is a major health risk presented by this wireless internet system, American businessmen have chosen to ignore this and have plans for a nationwide rollout. I can't even tell you how intense this is. Combine the coming WiMAX frequencies with all the other frequencies we have going on… I'm floored at the ramifications. More depression, lethargy, and possible suicides. (I'm not trying to be negative, just trying to tell you what we're up against!) People will try to cope by consuming more caffeinated drinks for energy, popping more anti-depressants, and using more alcohol and drugs to escape from an unpleasant reality. 

In addition, there are the health problems that result from exposure to electromagnetic fields and frequencies: from asthma and Alzheimers, to cancer and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, to Fibromyalgia and a myriad of other illnesses present in our world today. On the high side, perhaps more people will be inspired to go deeper within themselves to figure out what's going on, and will find themselves embarking on a more spiritual path. This is our prayer for mankind… to turn within to find the relief they seek, and hopefully, find out about the Rejuvenizers on this quest.


WiMAX article

The Spiritual Downside of EMF Frequencies 

I have mentioned this before, but I wanted to remind you. The frequencies break up the area between the higher chakras and create fragmented particles of our energy field. These fragmentations have an energy all their own, and they remain just above the 7th spiritual chakra, where they serve to block the influx of spiritual energy into our subtle chakra system. The more frequencies that pass through us, the more this fragmentation occurs. 

Thus, the frequencies not only challenge the immune system and make us lose our energy and motivation, they also block us on the path to realizing our true spiritual nature. Remember, the Personal Rejuvenizer heals all such fragmentation and helps you to re-connect more deeply with who you are, at the spiritual level. Many have reported feeling more intuitive over time with the Rejuvenizer, and this is one example of being more connected spiritually.

How to protect and help yourself

If for some reason, you choose not to wear your Personal Rejuvenizer at any time, you can put it on a recent photo of yourself (taken within the past 1-2 years) and it will broadcast its healing and protective energy to you. We would LOVE you to wear it and tell everyone about it who comments on your beautiful pendant (or ring), but if, for some reason, you decide not to wear it, PLEASE KEEP IT ON YOUR PHOTO, as this will ensure that no matter what, YOU are protected.

The Rejuvenizer empowers you to be all that you can be, at the deepest levels of your being. Whether you are in touch with this or not, it's real, so please take advantage of this incredible gift you have given yourself and keep it with you OR on your photo. And of course, share this technology with all you know, who would be open to it. The Rejuvenizer is a powerful way to help alleviate deep suffering on the planet. All that you can do to support others is most welcomed and a boost to us all. The more positive, spiritually aware people on the planet, the easier it will be for all of us who envision a good and positive life for everyone.

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Many blessings to you all.

Phyllis Light

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