February 2014 Newsletter

February 01, 2014

Hi Everyone,
In the name of staying in touch, we are sending out another newsletter :-) with the latest word on "surviving and thriving on planet Earth at this time."  We are also honoring February, the "Love Month" with Valentine's Day, and inspiring people to acknowledge and share the love they feel within them!
So, here we go.....

ButterflyYou've been hearing me say, since last spring, that "times are intense."  This doesn't mean, however, that you have to "do poorly" as a result.  What it means is that, your blocks to having your life work well are pretty much "up in your face," and as a result, you have a tremendous opportunity to heal and transform your life.
When you go through your life and your subconscious obstacles remain hidden, it's harder to know what you need to do, to move forward on your spiritual path. But when your blocks are "up in your face," then you are forced, in a sense, to make new decisions in order to deal with them.  In other words, the planetary energies taking place now are giving us an opportunity (whether we consciously want it or not :-) to change our lives and to transform our experience of being who we are. It's very cool, actually.
Short-term: Ouch! It can be tough, when all those old negative thoughts and feelings you thought you had let go of so long ago return and demand attention. Sometimes this makes us feel like we're "back at square one" and we haven't really made any progress at all! This isn't true of course.  It's just that these deep programs within you are rearing their ugly heads once again, so you can truly rise above them and create a new experience of yourself and your life.
Do your best to not buy into your negativity.  That is, notice it, keep breathing, do a technique, call for an extra mini-session, or just not give into what it's telling you to do. There could be a desire to engage in self-sabotaging behaviors (overeating, drinking, doing drugs, etc.), so you want to stay on top of it all, by not "running with" what you're feeling, meaning notice it, work on it, re-frame it in your mind (that is, look at it from a different perspective), and do your best to not take it too seriously.
You will get through this.  And the "you" that comes out the other end will be much more powerful, aware, and spiritually connected.  That's what this period is all about.  We are all getting a "boost from above" to transform ourselves in ways we had never dreamed possible. Hang in there.... as this, too, shall pass :-)


HeartLove occurs naturally, in the absence of fear, doubt, anger, greed, and all the other negative emotions.  When you are in the present moment and connect with another person, exchanging energy between your hearts, love flows unimpeded.  This is our natural state of being.
Due to everyone's old, subconscious programming, and past unpleasant or damaging experiences in life (in this and past lifetimes), people are so filled with negativity that they have a hard time breaking through to the love that resides within them. If we could just be who we are, all the time, our lives would be filled with love and joy, but this seems to be easier than it sounds.
For those of you who are doing the clearing work with me, you know that you are able to have more moments of joy and aliveness, more happiness within yourself and with the people in your life, and ultimately, more love.  So, at this time of year, when we celebrate love on the planet, why not share what you know with others?  That is, support them in getting on a clearing program, even it if it's just the "Budget Special," where they have a "minimum investment" but stand to have maximum gain.
The more your friends and loved ones dump their old negative programming, the happier they will feel, and the more love they will have available to share with you.  That's how it works. So why not take this time to let others know how you feel about them.. that you love and care for them, and you would like to see them feel better and have more love in their lives. This isn't about pressuring them by any means.  It's about sharing your love with them, and letting them know how they can thrive more and have more love in their own lives.  
Since we are all going through a pretty intense period of deep transformation and renewal, remember that your friends and loved ones are also dealing with a huge pile of "old stuff" that is on their plate and up for review and healing.  This is a great time for you to be the "Light that you are" and shine that light in their direction and support them in getting help.
It actually came to me that in the coming times, people are going to be realizing that they need the kind of deep, spiritual support we are offering here. So this is just a "word to the wise" that you can be a part of that support for those you love and care about.  This is the time to SHARE THE LOVE :-)

About the Rejuvenizers
"I am really enjoying my Rejuvenizer! I'm really enjoying experiencing being safe in my "light egg." I feel safe and that's enjoyable. I feel emotionally stronger. I don't feel like I'm soaking up other's stuff-mostly from my son who I usually feel responsible for his emotional state. I also feel contained with my inner processings.  I feel contained and I like that. How fascinating. Thank you so very much!!"   
-R.K., Cedar Rapids, Illinois
"I have started using the Rejuvenizer products for the past 4 months, and I seem to see my life turning around and getting on the right track ever since.  I'd like to express my gratitude here.  Thank you so much for your technology. It's a miracle."
-J.L., Hong Kong
About the Holiday Clearing
"I ordered the Holiday Clearing for my brother this past year because he never enjoys Christmas with his in-laws. He isn't "into this stuff" at all, but reported back that the holidays were a breeze, like nothing really bothered him. I decided I would go ahead and buy him a Personal Rejuvenizer to help him continue to enjoy his life more!"
-G.J., Chicago, Illinois

1) "Prince Charming Lives, Finding the Love of Your Life"
Prince Charming LivesThis is a great book for you or anyone in your life who is "looking for Mr. or Ms. Right" or who has been unhappy in their personal relationships. The book will help you understand the need to work on yourself and heal your old patterns, in order to create a lasting, fulfilling, love relationship. Read more.... 

2) "Love Now, Here's How, 26 Roadblocks to Healthy Relationships and How to Clear Them"
Love Now Here's How
This books helps you to recognize the patterns, deep in your subconscious, that are creating challenges in your relationships. It has specific techniques you can use to heal those problematic areas and restore peace, love, and harmony in all your relationship experiences. Read More.... 

3) Heart Algae  
Heart Algae
Heart and Metabolic Antioxidant Support  60 Capsules per Bottle / 225 mg
Antioxidants play a very important role in the maintenance of your health. This Red Heart Algae is 500 to 1,000 times more potent than Vitamin C, and 100 times more effective than Vitamin E as an antioxidant.  Read More.... 

4) The RED PASSION and PEARLESCENT PINK Personal Rejuvenizers

RejuvenizersOne of the thousands of functions that the Rejuvenizer has, is restoring the flow of spiritual energy through the chakra system, by clearing the blockages that form as a result of all the life-damaging frequencies that hit us daily.  When the chakra system is working properly, more energy can flow through the heart chakra, which is what allows us to feel love.  By protecting yourself from the 300,000 or more frequencies that hit you every minute, from computers, cell phones, satellites, microwaves, TV and radio broadcasts, WiFi, and GPS, the Personal Rejuvenizer is also opening up the space within your heart to feel and experience more love. What a great Valentine's gift! :-)  
Read More....

You can also purchase on Phyllis' new Rejuvenizer.com site....
Love OracleThe LOVE ORACLE is a fun and enlightening game, designed to shed light on all the various relationship situations you encounter in life. It is packed with words of wisdom, clarity, and advice to help you gain insight into yourself and your interactions with others.  Try it three times for free, and you may want to use it for advice all year long!  
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In closing, we support you in getting in touch with more love and joy than ever before, and may you continue to transform, as easily and peacefully as possible, to become the Highest and best expression of who you are.
Our sincerest wishes for your Highest Good to manifest for you,
Phyllis & The Staff at Light Unlimited

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