June 2017 Newsletter

June 01, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Many have been asking me, "What the heck is going on? It's been so intense!"  I also have been experiencing a similar intensity, personally and in those around me, so I tuned in to get information for us all.  I have been talking to many of you about a "Higher Energy" pouring down to purify everyone," and that even though the purification process can be challenging, it is actually a good thing, long-term. When I asked if that were still the case, I was informed, "Yes, it's still true, and about 72% of what is going on." Then I asked about the other 28%. Here it all is:
First the 72%...
You are seeing people "going crazy" at a more intense level lately because of three things:
1) They have many "unintegrated parts of themselves" that need healing. This means, they have a lot of parts of themselves that are not aligned with their wholeness and wellness… so these parts are "wreaking havoc" in their world… sort of like "screaming out for help."  "Unintegrated parts" happen when there has been a lot of trauma to the person, in this or past lives. These are parts that are "separate" and need to be integrated and accepted into the person's being. This happens with your (Phyllis') clearing… old unintegrated energies are freed up so that the person can accept all those old parts of themselves much better, and they can be "integrated into the person's wholeness" and not separate and "screaming for help." The more "unintegrated parts" a person has, that is, the more stress, trauma, and abuse they've experienced in the past that caused parts of them to separate themselves from the person, the "crazier" the manifestation, due to the energies taking place on the planet.

2) There are "Higher Forces" at work at a deep level. There is help being given to this planet by the angelic realm, and there is a huge "channel" of Higher Light being brought down from above, to help people rise to a Higher level of awareness. When one has a lot of the "unintegrated parts" of themselves, this Higher Energy stimulates the person to grow, which means these parts start screaming out for help, thus creating the intensity in their world. This "Higher Light" has been streaming down onto the planet at the current level since March 27, 2017… and although it's about spiritual evolution, it has brought up a lot of "old stuff" that needs to be purged, which is why it feels more intense than normal.

3) The whole planet is going through a shift of sorts, and as a result, it actually energetically "shudders" periodically (maybe 18-20 times a week). Everything is constantly evolving, growing, becoming more spiritualized. This is the nature of Life. So the Earth, too, is evolving to a Higher level of consciousness, and in this process, periodically, it "shudders"—almost like a dog shaking off water, but not quite so violently and all at once. It's more like a subtle tremor, but one that goes on for many hours at a time, 18-20 times a week. When this happens, people's subtle bodies are affected. Some people just flow with the energy they're feeling. For others.. it "rocks their world" (but not in a pleasurable way).  It's all part of the process of spiritual growth and evolution for us all, so even when one's world gets "rocked," it is letting you see whatever is in you that needs to be transformed and healed. So ultimately, it's a good thing, not a "bad" thing. But it can be "discombobulating" for those who are more rigid and have trouble embracing change.

So, 72% of the current intensity is due to the above. Now we'll look at the 28% left.

There are three things in this category:

1) The dark forces that "run" this planet at a deep level are "bent" that this Higher Light is coming in. They don't want to be "dethroned" and "no longer in control of this place." So they feel threatened. They feed off negative energy and have an "investment" in keeping people upset, angry, and basically negative.

So, they have been counteracting this energy, in order to overcome it and keep it from uplifting people (thus the "war between good and evil" continues). They have been "downloading an energy" that is the opposite of the uplifting one… in an attempt to bring us down and not let us be lifted up. This has impacted many people, who have a vulnerability to the dark, and it's made many people sick and tired, or stressed and irritable, for the past 5 months (since about the end of Dec., 2016). The dark doesn't want us to "get Higher" and "more spiritually connected." 

It takes a strong soul to "stay connected spiritually" and not feel somewhat "slammed" by the onslaught of energy trying to bring us down. The challenge here is that we all have a choice…. to rise up, or sink into the muck and mire. When you commit to "rising up," then you will continually find options and resources to support your decision. Although the going may be a little "tough," you will still rise up nonetheless, due to your commitment to doing so.

2) There is a dimension, "close to us" in the cosmic scheme of things, where there is a great war going on. And there are periodic huge "barbs" of negative energy that escape that dimension and hit this dimension that also jars us all, at a deep level, and makes us feel, very subtly, that we, too, are under attack. This is another factor that has made it hard for a lot of people. This energy that periodically escapes from that dimension enters our dimension maybe 14-15 times a week, and the effects of the jolts continue for about 18 hours each time. (This "war" has been going on for 18 years in our time… and could continue for another 8 years, for the record.) Again, the more you flow with whatever you're feeling, the easier life will be. The more you resist and remain rigid, the harder it will be to flow with all this.

3) There is an energy surrounding the planet, almost like a "cloud of death/heavy negativity"… and it's been there for 18 months. This was placed there by the "dark guys" in charge of this creation. They do this kind of thing periodically to create negativity in people, as they thrive on and feed off that. There have been other clouds like this before, but often with prayers, the forces of Light have been able to remove them. This is another piece of "why it's been so difficult/crazy" on the planet for a while. This energy is also affecting people at a deep level, making them feel more negative, lost and confused. This energy will not be here "forever", but it does happen periodically, and it is part of what is affecting people now. You wanted to know what was going on….. From a "Higher" perspective, we could say it is providing a "growth opportunity" for all those who succumb to its influences. 

Now, from "me only"...
Just so you know, I have done tons of upgrades to the Rejuvenizers in the recent past, and as much as I can to help people with all the above. It still doesn't beat "rolling your sleeves up" and working on yourself when you're feeling upset, angry, frustrated, depressed, under attack, etc. That's where the true personal and spiritual growth takes place… in your daily life, whenever you're feeling off-kilter in any way. 

As many of you know, my work also helps you to move through all this and get to a better place of strength, commitment, love, and peace of mind, so feel free to take advantage. I have been seeing that people need "a lot more clearing per session" than in the past, so the opportunity for making tons of spiritual progress is enormous and amazing! Call or email the office to request extra clearing if you feel you need the additional help. This is an incredible time to let go of a lot of your old "baggage"!!!
Be patient with yourself during these times. Forgive yourself for whatever "craziness" you seem to be manifesting. Let go of saying, "I don't understand why all this is going on" because a) now you do understand, and b) acting like a victim never helps! Accept that everything taking place in your world is for the purpose of personal and spiritual growth, so take a deep breath and do whatever you need to do to embrace it and make the necessary changes within.
I am also seeing a lot of people getting stronger and clearer and able to make important decisions regarding the direction of their lives. Many people are breaking through to a new level of awareness and have been able to make deep changes in their life circumstances. Remember, it's all a process, and sometimes you may feel like you're taking a few steps forward, then a couple back. The important thing is to not give up, maintain your focus, and know that you absolutely CAN choose the path of RISING UP TO MORE LIGHT, and finding the "Light at the end of the tunnel." Just say "yes"!!!!


Many of you are familiar with Liquid Biocell, the liquid nutriceutical that regrows cartilage, collagen, and connective tissue, and helps turn the aging clock around. I do appreciate all of you who have heard me about this. I have been on it since October, 2010, and have seen remarkable changes in my well-being, aliveness, flexibility, stamina, and "youthfulness." I wouldn't stop it for anything!!
Well, the same company has now brought a new product to the marketplace, and I wanted you to know about it.. an "Energy Drink" called TRIA. Unlike the energy drinks out there, this one is all natural and actually GOOD for you. It doesn't jack up the adrenals, give you the jitters or cause you to crash, like the others do. It actually nourishes and strengthens the adrenals, and gives you a pleasant uplifting feeling, both physically and mentally, that lasts for maybe 4-5 hours. I've been really loving taking it.
There are two flavors: Citrus (black can) and Melon (white can). Both have a natural caffeine-like substance from the guarana seed, but the Citrus has 110 calories with a small amount of fruit sugar, whereas the Melon has ZERO calories, so no sugar whatsoever. Admittedly, the Citrus tastes a little better, but the Melon is just fine… especially if you're counting calories!! Some people do like the Melon better, so it's a matter of individual preference.
For those of you who are already registered to get the Liquid Biocell, you just go to www.modere.com, login with your email address and "Jusuru" password, and SHOP under Collagen Sciences to find the TRIA. If you are new to these products, here is a link you can use to get $10 off of your first order. https://www.modere.com/?referralCode=j181774 You'll have to register to shop there, either prior to your purchase or afterwards. I think both are possible. 
Let me know how it goes. I look forward to hearing from you!  (FYI: The company has a policy of free shipping, if you order over $75 worth of product for your first order. After that, for customers, the minimum is $50. They have a lot of other healthy products as well, if anything else grabs you.. from laundry detergent to toothpaste.. to shampoo and conditioner. All products are non-toxic, highly-effective, plant-based botanicals, and are good for your body and certified safe for the environment, in case you'd like to try them out.)


Hi, Phyllis,
I am writing to say thank you ever so much for my dental clearing. I am amazed at how beautifully my procedure to do the first part of replacing my bridge went!!! After a false start when my dentist's office lost their water supply a couple of weeks ago, about an hour after my dentist began working on me, I went back today to finish what we began at that time. Today's session went even more smoothly, with no panic attack at all. I was peacefully drifting in and out of sleep by the end of the 3-hour procedure. I so appreciate your caring help to all of us.

May you continually know greater peace and harmony in your lives!!
May your lives be blessed with ever-increasing health and prosperity!
In Love and Light,
Phyllis… and Angela, at Light Unlimited



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