March 2015 Newsletter

March 01, 2015

Hi Everyone,


We continue to be in this period (May 2012 to December 2015) that I've been writing about for a while now. Change is upon us, there is no denying that. However, are you breaking like a rigid tree that is being uprooted by heavy storms? Or, are you bending, like the willow tree, and adapting to the changes that are going on around you and within you? You may be experiencing a combination of both.

This is an excellent time to "re-invent" yourself. Add new things to your life that support happiness and well-being. Discard things that weigh you down and suck the joyful energy right out of you. It's been a "wake-up call" of sorts. How do you want to live the next 15 years of your life? This is a time for re-thinking what works for you and what hasn't been working for you, and make decisions about your life accordingly.

They say that if you put a rat in a maze with cheese at the end, the rat will keep running through the maze to get the cheese. But once you take the cheese away, the rat will soon cease its search, since you have shown it that the cheese is no longer there. With humans however, we continue to run down the same maze, day after day, year after year (and I believe lifetime after lifetime), even though any hopes of finding that cheese have been long gone.

We keep thinking that if we just do the same behaviors, over and over again, we will someday, somewhere (perhaps "over the rainbow"), get the "cheese", that is, the prize we seek. In truth, we need to change our behaviors, in order to change our outcomes. And more importantly, we need to change our thoughts, that is, our fundamental beliefs about how life is for us. If we don't change our beliefs, we will never get anything other than what we've already been getting for a very long time. Nothing will ever change for us.

I believe that the purpose of this highly transformational period we're in is to "rattle our cages" and almost force us to start seeing things in a new way. But once our "cages are rattled," there can be a tendency to reinforce our old belief systems. "See, I KNEW things couldn't work out for me." Or, I KNEW I couldn't trust men (or women) to stay with me. (A lot of relationships have been breaking up at this time.)

What you want to do, is to take this opportunity to RESTRUCTURE your beliefs, and literally choose new ones that you would like to put your attention on, in order to change your results in life. What you see is based on your beliefs. If you want to see something different, you're going to have to change your beliefs. It's not a simple process, because the new beliefs will feel like a lie at first. But the more you focus on them, the more they will become true.

Let's say you suddenly become aware of a mistake you had made a few days prior, and you start beating yourself up. "Oh, I should have done things differently... oh, if only I had said something.... boy, what a fool I was to not catch that sooner." At that point, once you see that you are "beating yourself up," you could start to tell yourself things like, "Well, at least I caught it pretty quickly. At least it only took me a few days, rather than a few months. Hey, at least I caught it. I could have missed it completely. I'm glad I caught it pretty quickly so I could rectify it. Everyone is okay now, so shew, I'm glad I caught the mistake I had made."

Can you see how we often "go down the road" of self-criticism so readily, by habit? And can you see how beating yourself up doesn't feel good and only brings you down and makes you feel more and more pessimistic? Notice how thinking those last positive thoughts to yourself makes you feel a lot lighter. They bring you back up, and make you feel better about yourself!

Now is the time to do that very process... keep replacing all your negative, self-berating thoughts with positive ones. It's really your choice what you want to believe. And even though the negative ones may keep surfacing, you can CHOOSE to override them with positive ones, that will ultimately make you feel a lot better. Exercise your choice as to how you want to perceive life. No one else can do it for you.

Hanging around with positive people can also help bring you up. If you get together with your friends and commiserate about how bad it is out there, does that really serve you? Does that really make you feel better about yourself and your life? Choose to do activities that nurture you, whether it's organizing your space, doing a creative project, or aligning with some positive movement that is about helping the planet. Find a higher purpose to your life, one that inspires you to get out of bed each morning, one you look forward to participating in. This is the time for just such an endeavor.

You are discarding the old and embracing the new. It's a good thing. However, you want to do your best to bend like the willow tree, and not break like the rigid oak, as you flow with the stormy winds of change that are upon us all. Clearing is always valuable at this time, to help you through this process. Doing techniques* on your own is also valuable, as they give you a tool to use, to keep you more in balance and at peace through it all.

(*The techniques are found in my books: Prince Charming Lives!, Ch.9, p. 27 of Love Now, Here's How , and the Communications Breakthrough System.)


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Thank you for your ongoing trust, support and caring. And most important, thank you for wanting to grow and be all that you can be. It's so easy in our world to become complacent, and do things "just like everyone else." And we know it takes strength and dedication to do what you're doing, to "break out of the mold" of everyday life, and create something better for yourselves, on the level of health and well-being, personal and spiritual growth, and even greater financial success. We acknowledge you for having the courage and vision to follow this path, and we appreciate your willingness and desire to have our support in this process. We wish you all the best, that you may have a delightful and joyous Spring season.

Phyllis & Angela of Light Unlimited

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