November 2007 Newsletter

November 01, 2007

Dear Friends,

I apologize for such infrequent newsletters.  Many of you have been requesting them.  I have been so busy working on myself, my loved ones, and my clients, along with doing intuitive research, making new discoveries, and adding new functions to the Rejuvenizers, I've haven't had a spare moment to think about a newsletter.  But that time has come, so I hope to bring you something of value here.

In September, I brought your attention to a planetary configuration that is creating an incredible growth opportunity Pluto conjunct the "galactic center of the universe.  There is so much upheaval going on at a very deep level, it's unreal.  Anyone who is "holding on to how it has been" and is afraid to change, may get pummeled.  The challenge is to let the old die and experience  transformation and re-birth in the wake of such "death." Yet, we humans hold onto the old because it is safe and familiar, and we are often afraid to change deep within.  Moving into unknown feels scary and unsafe. 

Change is upon us, and this is something we all have to deal with. You may want to work on letting go of your fears of change at this time, to facilitate the transformation that awaits you as you move forward.  It is time to let go of what is not working in your life, and embrace new ways of being in life.  This means some people may leave your life, and new ones will surely enter.  This is not the time to hold on, but the time to let go.  Clear, clear, clear your subconscious programming... and it will be easier to move forward and welcome change.

Grab onto subconscious clearing techniques as "lifesavers"... and use them whenever any negative thoughts, feelings, or patterns surface, to support your forward progress.  I have created several valuable techniques in my books,  Prince Charming Lives, "Rapid Integration Technique" at the end of Chapter 9, and the "Advanced Subconscious Clearing Technique" on page 27 of "Love Now, Here's How"

And, of course, there is the Communications Breakthrough System which is an excellent tool for clearing old programming within yourself and within your relationships.

All the work you do on yourself always pays off.  Take advantage of the growth opportunity that is upon us and do all the inner work you can at this time.

Three Weeks of "Hell" (for some)

For the past three weeks, the whole planet has been going through a sort of "dark night of the soul."  It has been extremely intense for many.  For more detail, see my recent post on my blog, "Mystic Research Cafe."  Dark energies that have been "riding the high-tech frequencies" had taken over to such an extent, that the Light was starting to get snuffed out on the planet, and major intervention was necessary. Whereas only dark energies have been coming through the internet, the cell phones, TV and radio frequencies, and all telecommunication networks, there is now Light being channeled through them.  For the past 3 years, it has been 100% dark energies coming through, now, as of this writing, we are up to 30% Light coming through... and the amount is increasing.

I have experienced all the darkness coming through the frequencies for awhile now.  It is a major breakthrough that I was able to ask my "Higher Ups" to change that situation and bring through Light instead.  This is a blessing for us all. A Personal Rejuvenizer would still be eessential to anyone who uses any kind of telecommunications device, as there is much negativity that has gotten into people that the Rejuvenizer will clear over time.

Great news about upcoming Rejuvenizer DVD

I have been wanting to create some kind of DVD for the past three years, to help people visually understand the value of Rejuvenizers.  I have finally attracted the right people who can help me do this.  We are creating a 5-8 minute DVD to show people how the Rejuvenizers help protect them from the 300,000 frequencies that hit them every minute on this planet. 

As I have told you before, I do upgrades on the Rejuvenizers every few days, at no extra charge.  It would be so wonderful if you could support my effort in reaching more people by showing this DVD to your friends and loved ones.  That would be a great way to "pay it forward," so that many can be helped by your efforts.  I will let you know when the project is complete, and I thank you in advance for your support with this.

Health News

One of the biggest health challenges of modern times is adrenal burnout.  The harder we push ourselves, the more fried our adrenals get.  There are three levels of "fix" for this: 

  1. Clear your negative programming that is making your adrenals burn out.  You may have beliefs such as, "I'm not doing enough, I must do more," or "I have to hurry or I won't get everything done in time," or "I just can't relax, I don't have enough time."  You get the picture. The Personal Rejuvenizer will will  work on clearing such negative programming over time, which will help the adrenals to come back online.

  2. We also carry two excellent supplements that support the adrenals in healing over time, while the negative programming is being cleared: Core Level Adrenal and DSF Formula by NutriWest (Other Recommended Products). I have found that some people need both and some need only one.  Call the office and have me check in to see which, if any, are right for you.   I have also found that once the adrenals are healed, you only need to take the supplements once in a while, rather than on a regular basis.

  3. Sometimes, there are deeper causes to adrenal burnout, and a deeper level of intervention is needed, in addition to the above two fixes.  This would be something to address during a private session, where I can go inside and see what is going on with your adrenals that is not just "clearing subconscious programming."  Once in a while, people have "energetic devices" in their adrenals, (or thyroid, or other organs) or some sort of "curse energy" that was energetically thrown into them at some point, often during previous lifetimes of experience.  These negative energies stay with us until cleared, so sometimes, this third level of "fix" is necessary for a full recovery.

I must say this:  both my adrenals AND thyroid were under-functioning BIG TIME for many years.  I was pretty much exhausted most of my younger life and did life with my "will energy" alone.  A doctor wanted to put me on medication a number of years ago for "low thyroid," but I refused and committed to healing myself from this condition.  Well, it took me about 4 years of a lot of research and a lot of personal work, but I figured out what it took, and now both my thyroid and adrenals are at 100% normal functioning.  My energy level is so much higher.... I almost don't know how I managed to get anything done all those years of running on only 25% of my adrenal function and 15% of my thyroid function.

So, if you drink lots of coffee or caffeinated drinks, or eat lots of sugary foods, you may be trying to stimulate yourself in order to overcome adrenal (or thyroid) burnout.  If this is you, there is hope, honest!  You really want to tell the truth to yourself and get these crucial glands healed.  It can be done, and caffeine is definitely not the fix, just a bandaid.

Healing Affirmations

I am safe being the spiritual being of Light that I am.
I now feel welcomed and supported in the world.

People feel uplifted in my presence.  I make a difference here.

I am safe moving forward in my life.

I feel safe with all the changes Life is bringing my way.

I now accept and enjoy the transformation happening deep within me.

I now prosper and thrive in my life.

I deserve to have the life I want here.

Testimonial Corner

I want to thank everyone who sends in your positive experiences of your sessions with me and of the Rejuvenizers.  I would like to include a couple of those here, to share with all of you.

"After flying for over 10 years as a military fighter pilot and spending 2 years as a commercial airline pilot my health began to suffer.  I noticed how fatigued I would get after a trip.  I began searching for doctors to help, many of them had modalities to test for EMF toxicity, but there was very little they could do to help. When I found The Rejuvenizer, I was initially skeptical, but after a few weeks of consistent wear I noticed a dramatic increase in overall energy levels.  Much of the strength that The Rejuvenizer gave me can be tested through kinesiology by doctors.  I was so impressed I took it to another friend who does meridian stress assessment, and it showed that my meridians were measurably stronger while wearing it.  Now, I won't fly or do virtually anything without wearing The Rejuvenizer, it's making a difference!"
P.S., Commercial Airline Pilot, Dallas, Texas.
"Due to the proximity of our home to a major cell phone tower, the radiation levels that we have been exposed to have necessitated our family detoxing with 'Detoxisode Radiation,' a homeovitic solution by Hobon of Naples, FL.  My doctor, who we've seen for three years and originally diagnosed and prescribed for us for this issue, recently retested us.  Using Applied Kinesiology, she found we no longer needed the radiation detox!  Our family has all been wearing the Rejuvenizers and we have the Rejuvenizer kit in our home and on our electrical panel.  Amazing! Thank you!" 
S.C., mother, northshore Chicago suburb


Thank you for your support and for your desire to grow and become more of the Light that you are.  May your Light shine on all your friends and loved ones, and uplift them through out our new year!

Many blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!!
Phyllis & the Staff at Light Unlimited

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