November 2015 Newsletter

November 01, 2015


Hi Everyone!

Wow, we are actually nearing December, 2015... which I've been talking about for nearly 3 years now!!! For those who don't remember or haven't heard yet, we have been in this super intense, growth-filled period that started in May, 2012 and will end towards the last part of December, 2015. It's really "all good" spiritually speaking, but on a daily basis, many of us have felt our lives to be quite chaotic, anxiety-ridden, and out of control.

This is because we are changing SOOO deeply during this time (whether we like it or not!) and those changes, although taking place within, are rocking our external world. The more you are in touch with your deepest desires and longings, the easier it will be to attract those things to you that you have been wanting for a long time. However, most of us have deep blocks to manifesting all that we need and want in life. So at this time, THAT is what's coming up: all the blocks that stand in the way of our happiness and fulfillment, all the old programs and energies that have been keeping us limited for so long!

What to expect during this time: You will continue to experience any problematic areas in your life at a greater intensity until this period is over. The very things that have bugged you for so long now, whether it's health-related, people-related, money-related, job-related... these are the things that are "up in your face and can't be ignored" at this time.

In fact, I've been noticing that for the past few weeks, it seems like the intensity is building and people are having a resurgence of such old issues that they thought they had laid to rest long ago. It's like the universe is helping us purge all these old energies, by bringing them up and out. It has been a blessing for me to have been informed about this period. Otherwise, I would have thought we were all going crazy and that life had become unbearably hard!!!

It turns out that this is a GREAT time for clearing, as so much is "up" for us that we are able to accept huge amounts of clearing. I have made so much progress in the past three years for which I am really grateful. But, would I want to do it again? Not any time soon for sure!!! It's been very tough!!!

It's as if there has been this "universal pressure," pushing against us harder and harder, to squeeze the negativity out of us, and help us become more of who we really are. And we're all going, "OUCH, this is too much, this hurts, I can't take it anymore." Yet the universe just keeps on pushing. It is molding us into something Higher, better, stronger, more resilient, and more spiritually connected.

This is a part of the "death and rebirth" process we're all in now. Our "old self" feels like it's dying, because it's getting squeezed out of existence. But it is being turned into something quite magnificent and grand... if only we can survive the "death" part, and make it to the "rebirth" part! It is not an easy process by any means, but something our Higher Self has apparently signed up for.

So start to give thanks for the amazing amount of purging you've been doing, along with thanks that the intensity will be winding down soon enough. My "Helpers" told me that this period has been about 1000 times more intense than normal. Everyone has had their different coping strategies—from eating more sweets and drinking more alcohol, to going into "other dimensions" to escape their feelings.

I can feel a lot of self-sabotaging energies in the collective unconscious (from everyone's collective negativity at this time), and I've been seeing many people have accidents or physical injuries lately as a result. So do your best to be careful and attentive, and hopefully mitigate any subconscious need to ding your body at this time. You can always do one of my three recommended techniques on yourself* to clear any need to hurt your body physically.

I have been informed that there will be a lightening up, planetary-wide close to the 3rd week in January. It's like the energy will start to shift OUT of this intensity we've been in toward the end of December, but it will take another few weeks for things to settle down and for people to realize that they are no longer anxiety-ridden and out of control. I do recommend doing your best to not buy into your thoughts, particularly the negative ones, at this time, and just keep on doing your best to be good to yourself and honor and respect yourself as much as possible.

* Three techniques you can do to bring about extra clearing for yourself:
1) Last part of Ch. 9 of my "Prince Charming Lives" book: The "Rapid Integration" Technique
2) p. 27 of Love Now, Here's How: The "Advanced Subconscious Clearing" Technique and
3) The Communications Breakthrough System.


As you all know, I work on the Rejuvenizers all the time, adding new functions based on new discoveries I make about the human condition and how to strengthen and protect us all. I usually don't write them down, because they often come to me while I'm walking through an airport, laying in bed at night, or driving my car. However, there is a recent upgrade I did that I wanted to share with you that is quite valuable and worth knowing about!

There is a piece of information I "channeled" many years ago, about our "bits of consciousness." Apparently, these are energetically given to us at birth, as part of helping us to develop our true spiritual nature. We have anywhere from 25,000 to 90 million "bits of consciousness." The more we practice spiritual techniques, the greater the number of these we develop over time; and the more of these we have, the greater our awareness. These bits of consciousness can hold either positive or negative energy, but not both. The more we expose ourselves to negative energy, the more our bits of consciousness absorb that negative energy, and the more that colors our thinking and feeling in a way that is not so beneficial to us.

Have you ever seen an extremely negative movie and then left the theatre feeling bad, depressed, or not like your normal self? Without being able to clear your bits of consciousness, they just keep absorbing negative energy more and more over time. When my bits of consciousness shift dramatically to the negative (like after watching a negative TV show), I have often had bad dreams that night. This is why many people don't watch the news... and why some people don't watch television at all. So it's really important to keep this aspect of your subtle nature intact and as positive as possible, by focusing your attention and awareness on the more positive aspects of life.

So, lately, I've been noticing that after watching a TV show (aren't most of them about people getting killed and finding the killer?? Arghhh), my bits of consciousness have been changing big time toward the negative. At the end of the show, I will clear them back to positive, but that's only because I have figured out how to do this. Rather than not watch TV at all, I decided that it was more interesting to get the entertainment TV had to offer (especially during these intense times when we can use all the entertainment we can get!!), but make sure I changed my bits of consciousness back to positive after it was over.

So here's what came to me: To program the Personal Rejuvenizer to continually clear all bits of consciousness that switch to negative back to positive, and keep them positive. I did the upgrade, and I can now feel it happening when I watch TV, as I don't get sucked into the negative energy coming off whatever show I'm watching. This is huge... not just around TV, but in life in general. Can you imagine not allowing yourself to be energetically brought down by negativity around you?

When I check into people who "act particularly happy" or "seem to be amazingly positive," they often have 80-90% of their "bits of consciousness" that have turned negative, and they are just trying to be up and perky to counteract the effect. The problem is, it's very hard to ignore such negative feelings without going into denial, and when a person does this, they feel fake and not genuine.

It's important to be in touch with what's going on within you and not deny it. "Fake it until you make it" doesn't always work out so well! It's crucial to work on yourself and clear out the old negative programming and energies that keep you from feeling on top of your game; and remember, this is a process of personal healing and transformation that can only take place over time, not just a "one-time shot."


We're so used to sharing what hurts or what isn't working in order to get the help we need. However, it is also important to acknowledge and focus on the positive.... that is, what's good and is working!! So here are a few comments clients and customers have made over the years:

On my work and Rejuvenizers:

"I find great strength in your work, and never, I mean never, am I without my Rejuvenizer! I feel it keeps me connected to my Highest Good. One of the best spiritual tools I have ever had. Thank you Phyllis!!!"

K.P., Oregon


On the Personal Rejuvenizer:

"I wore my Personal Rejuvenizer all day and night for the first time, and woke up this morning without the usual aches and pains. I'm never taking this off again. In addition, I've been sleeping much better, and feel less fuzzy when I wake up."

L.F., Georgia


On Liquid Biocell:

Two days ago, I was at an Indian Puja (religious fire ceremony), in which we had to sit cross-legged on the floor, the whole hour. I had not been able to do that for some years. It looks like that is the increased flexibility you are talking about!"

J.G., Pennsylvania



We offer this every year. It's an invaluable service, especially this holiday season where we're still in the "major growth period" of the past three years! We offer ongoing clearing while you're spending time with your family, over the holidays.

In general, we do our best to love our families (at least most of us do); however, they also provide us with the most growth opportunities possible. That is to say, we got programmed by our family while we were growing up, so our family continues to inadvertently press our buttons, allowing us the opportunity to look at ourselves and let go of more of the past. This isn't always an easy process, and can often result in arguments, miscommunications, bad feelings, and unhappy times... when we really want to experience the love, joy, and peace that is "supposed to be" part of the holiday season.

So, with this clearing, we jump in any time your buttons get pressed, and work on clearing your issues. Although it may take a little time to clear them, you're going to keep getting lighter and freer from this clearing, so you will be able to get through the holiday season with as much positive energy and good feelings as possible. It's our best way of helping you "get the lessons" your family is trying to teach you, while being able to experience as much good energy and connectedness with them as possible.

To sign up for this service, click on this link on our website and scroll down to "Continuous Holiday Clearing."



Rejuvenizers on sale

Folks, if you haven't figured out by now, Rejuvenizers are a MUST in today's high-tech world! And this holiday season, we want to make sure you get all the Rejuvenizers you need, for you, your family, your home, your pets, and your other loved ones. So stock up now!! Sale Items are available only at

First, I recommend: the Personal Rejuvenizer. It is essentially for "where you live"... IN YOUR BODY!! So this is the most important one to have. If your body is weak and ailing due to exposure to electromagnetic fields and other negative energies, then it will be hard to create a life that truly works for you. So make sure you get this one first... for yourself and anyone else you are wanting to gift these to. Remember, they come in rings, pendants, and a smaller version for one's photograph only.

Second, I recommend the Rejuvenizers for the home, since you are in your home at least 8 hours a day (and probably more, for most people.) You want your home to be a sanctuary and feel as good as possible. Even if you have the Personal Rejuvenizer, your home can still have low or bad energy due to being filled with frequencies from WiFi (yours and your neighbors'!!!), your computers, cell phones, TV and radio satellite frequencies, plus any negative energy you or others have left there (for example: during fights, or having strangers there cleaning or repairing your home.) You would want a set of Indoor Rejuvenizers for the four corners of your home (they cover three floors up), and a Circuit Rejuvenizer for your breaker box.

Third, is a toss-up, between the Pet Rejuvenizer (don't we all want our pets to be as happy and healthy as possible?!!) and the Travel Rejuvenizer (to keep you as safe as possible while you travel—in your car, on a commuter train, in a plane—in any vehicle you use for travel.)

All of the Rejuvenizers are important, but those are what I consider the top priorities, the ones to purchase first. You can view them all at:

We wish you an easy, joy-filled, and prosperous holiday season!!!

Happy Holidays to You All!!!!

Phyllis & Angela at Light Unlimited

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