SAY YES TO LOVE - Feb. 2009 Newsletter

February 01, 2009

Hello Everyone,

This is the time of year when we think about love and relationships, since it is the month of Valentine's Day. In honor of this day, we want to put out a special prayer for all of us, to be able to open our hearts to love... more and more over this coming year. We will be sharing some thoughts and ideas that will support you in this process.


It has become apparent to me that 85-90% of all Americans are running scared, because they hear on the news that the economy is bad. As a result, there is this massive fear of spending, which has turned into a lack of goods and services being sold by companies. This has caused companies to start laying off employees, which then creates more fear in people about potentially losing their job.

At what point do we quit buying into the fear and therefore quit collectively creating "the economy being bad?" We are doing this to ourselves. It is as if we have eaten a meal, but we are so afraid that there won't be any more food, that we hold onto our food for dear life, and try to not eliminate whatever we have in our bodies.

If you don't eliminate what you eat, you will get totally clogged and backed up, and everything in you will stop working. If you stop spending your money, you are clogging the system. You are also giving power to your fears of "not having enough," which then creates less money coming in. Your fears start to manifest in your life and your flow stops.

I have always heard it said that "Money is God in action." You bring it in, and you move it out. You keep it circulating. And you do this with joy and gratitude in your heart. If you stop it flowing out, you are affirming that more won't be coming in. You are buying into skepticism and distrust, rather than having faith in an abundant universe.

First, if you keep listening to all the bad news out there, you will surely start to clog the flow in your life. Have you ever noticed that the media loves to focus on the worst news possible? It makes their ratings go up.

If you keep listening to "how bad it is out there," you will start to bring this "badness" into your own life. What you focus on, expands. The information you continually feed to your brain and heart, will ultimately manifest in your life. This is a universal principle. This is how life works.

It is as if everyone has simultaneously heard, "the economy is bad," and has suddenly taken a collective deep breath in... in fear, and now we are all afraid to exhale. We continue to hold that breath in, afraid of what might happen to us. (Fear can't stay within us unless we continue to hold our breath!)

The more we feed the fear, the more the fear runs us. It's that simple. If you keep noticing fear-based thoughts in your head, do your best to re-wire them, by affirming positive thoughts and intentions or by doing specific techniques, to clear the negative programs (see The Advanced Subconscious Clearing Technique on page 27 in "Love Now, Here's How", and the Communications Breakthrough System.)

It's very important, at this time, to do something to counteract the fear. Call in for extra clearing (even the "Budget Special" sessions are fine!) If you don't counteract the fearful thoughts in some way, they will continue to run you and manifest in your life, creating more reason to be afraid.

Ultimately, you need to build more trust and faith in a good and abundant universe that will always provide for you, regardless of what's going on around you. True faith attracts what you need and want. Fear and distrust attract a lack of what you need and want, so you get to be right about your negative beliefs.

This is not about blaming you if you have are fearful or distrustful at this time. It is simply about recognizing whatever is going on inside you, and taking steps to change that, rather than continuing to buy into the negativity.

Every time you say, "I can't afford this," who is talking? Your fear that if you spend, you won't have enough? Past life fears of not having enough? The negative beliefs you've been picking up from the collective every time you buy into the "fear about what's going on with the economy?"

Please be mindful of what you are creating for yourself, and for the collective. Do your best to pull yourself out of your fears, and support your loved ones in doing the same. We all got ourselves into this... and we can get ourselves out!


Love starts "at home"... for ourselves first. Loving yourself means honoring who you are, and doing your best to see that your needs get met. If you are taking care of yourself first, there is more of you available to take care of others. If you are always putting others before yourself, you may secretly be filling yourself with resentment, or telling yourself at a deep level that "you don't matter."

I have met people who put others first all the time. They are usually delightful people to be around (since they're always there for you all the time.) However, I have seen a pattern with such people -- of creating a problem in their bodies in order to get out of a life where they feel unheard, unimportant, or unworthy of getting their needs met. You can't really fool yourself for too long.

We need to create a balance in our lives: being there for ourselves, as well as being there for our loved ones. You can't just put everyone else ahead of yourself without some part of you suffering deep down. Your true self knows what you need, and if you busy yourself taking care of everyone else, at some point, some part of you will balk.

So, what can you do to love and nurture yourself this Valentine's Day? If you have a special someone in your life, then think of ways that you can feel nurtured while spending time with that person. If you're going solo, continue to honor this "day of love" and think of ways you can do something that would be loving to yourself. Don't just sit home and mope and long for "that special someone to come and make your life better." Be willing to do this for yourself!!!!

In truth, the more you love and nurture yourself, the more others can support you in this way. It's very hard to be unloving to yourself and then attract a relationship partner who treats you differently. It all starts with YOUR attitudes towards YOURSELF!!!

List 5 things that bring you pleasure or satisfaction. See how many of those things you can do for yourself on Valentine's Day. Be willing to do at least one.

Don't beat yourself up for not doing all of them. Focus on the glass being half-full, rather than half-empty. Give gratitude for whatever positive experience you do manage to create for yourself. Affirm your intention to continue to do more positive, nurturing things for yourself over time.

Give thanks for being who you are, and knowing what you know. Forgive yourself for any perceived shortcomings or failures. Know that you are a "work in progress," and acknowledge yourself for all the positive changes you have made in your life.

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I am good enough, just the way I am.

I forgive myself for thinking I am not okay the way I am.

I let go of needing to be right that I am a failure in any way.

I am willing to learn from all past "mistakes" in order to better myself.

I am willing to love myself, regardless of past mistakes.

I am good and innocent for being who I am.

I am willing to improve myself and become all that I can be.

Acknowledge yourself for all that you are here and now, and be willing to continue to work to develop your full potential. That way, you can continue to grow, without having to beat up on yourself in order to do so. It makes the journey much more pleasant!


The Love Oracle can give you answers to any questions you may have about love and relationships. It is chock-full of uplifting words of wisdom and advice to help you gain insight into yourself as you interact with others. The object of the Game is to ask the Love Oracle questions in order to gain understanding into a particular problem or challenge in the love arena of your life.

To play, you type in a question, and then "shuffle the cards" (the computer will give you an opportunity to choose how many times to shuffle.) There are four different decks, so you will get various kinds of information, including the best path of action. It is lots of fun, and very enlightening. Since there are thousands of combinations and permutations of possible answers, it works well to take responsibility for receiving just the perfect answers that you need at this time.

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"I'm alert now. I used to be so sleepy. I find I have long drives... I stay alert all the way through, and I'm enjoying driving. I'm in major traffic every day. For the Travel Rejuvenizer to help me with that is wonderful!"

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Plant Enzymes with GRBCF-77(tm)

This product has changed my life dramatically, so I wanted to highlight it this month. Many years ago, I would always get tired prior to eating (hypoglycemia), so I would eat to get more energy. Then, I would get tired after eating, while my body was busy digesting. I basically spent a lot of time being tired.

I then learned that enzymes are the "life force" of every bodily function, and that they are necessary to keep our body alive and well. In addition, I learned that our diets are severely enzyme deficient. In fact, 60% of the enzymes our bodies require are supposed to come from the food we eat, but when food is cooked, baked, boiled, microwaved, or heated in any way, it no longer contains the life-giving enzymes we need.

When I first learned about this particular enzyme product, it tested so strong for me (and everyone else I tested), that I began taking it immediately. After 6 to 7 weeks of taking it on a regular basis (physical changes take time), my body shifted into a higher gear, and the whole hypoglycemic pattern of fatigue prior to and after meals disappeared forever. I have been on this formula ever since (for the past 7 years), and am so grateful for how much more alive I have felt as a result.

I have also tested this particular enzyme product against other enzyme products, and have found this brand to be quite special. It contains a proprietary blend of 77 ionic-form trace minerals that make the enzymes fully bio-available to the body. In other words, they help the body with digestion 100%. Other enzymes I have checked help the body anywhere from 25 to 33%, but none seem to do the job fully.

Apparently, according to science, once your body runs out of enzymes, it is too late to replenish them, and you die. Taking these Plant Enzymes helps to replenish your enzyme supply, and keeps the body from having to "borrow" metabolic enzymes from other systems and organs in order to handle digestion. Thus, these enzymes support the entire body in being healthier and more alive.

I feel very blessed to have discovered these enzymes. I know they will help all of us not only live longer, but lead much healthier lives. These enzymes are especially important to the health of all individuals and animals that are consuming cooked and processed foods.

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Thank you for your support and for your desire to grow and become more of the Light that you are. May your Light shine on all your friends and loved ones, and uplift them throughout our new year!

Many blessings, and Happy Valentine's Day!!
Phyllis & the Staff at Light Unlimited

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